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​Furniture That Will Help Your Back to Relax

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When your new house has been built, the fittings have been installed it is now time for the decorating. Decorating can be a big task, there are many decisions to be made. What style? Which colours? How big? How many? Many people consider the aesthetic aspects of their house when choosing their interior design, but may forget the health aspects. This is particularly true when it comes to furniture. Office furniture is often chosen with consideration to their ergonomic design, but when interior decorating a home this is often forgotten. People often choose furniture according to what looks good rather than what will provide the best back support. Choosing furniture should be like choosing a pair of shoes, they should be fitted for comfort and suitability. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the most appropriate furniture. homify has taken a look around and found the top 6 ways to choose furniture for a healthy back.

​The Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for you is a very important decision to make. A bad mattress choice can affect the quality of your sleep. There has been much written about what sort of mattress is the best for optimum spine health. Some people say that a firm mattress is better as it provides more support for the back. This may be true, but it can also increase the pressure on certain parts of the body. A mattress that is soft can also cause problems as they often do not provide enough support causing your spine to fall out of alignment. Recent research suggests the best bed for back health is one that is individually chosen for comfort based on firmness. So when choosing a bed, try it out by sitting, lying and lounging on it. This bed was made by Redro

​Ergonomic Office Chair

Many people are forced to spend a considerable amount of time sitting in a chair, due to the nature of their work. This can put unnecessary stress on many parts of the spine. One way to deal with this issue is to use an ergonomic chair. There are many types of ergonomic chair to choose from, which one is the best? There are some key qualities to look for when choosing an ergonomic chair; seat height, seat width and depth, lumbar support, backrest, seat material, armrests and swivel. The seat height should be adjustable and allow a person to sit with their feet flat on the ground with their thighs horizontal. The seat width and depth should allow a person to sit comfortably with their back against the lumbar support with at least two centimetres between the back of the knees and the chair. Choosing the right chair will support the spine and lead to less back pain in the workplace. This chair was made byBuromobel. 

The ​Proper Desk

Just as the right work chair is important to ensure spine health, so is the right work desk. The most important thing to consider when choosing the right desk for your workplace is the height. The height of a desk should depend on the type of work being done at the desk. For the majority of desk jobs, it involves using a computer. For this type of work the desk height is important. The height of the desk should allow the user to rest their forearms flat on the desk, at a 90 degree angle to their upper arms. This will support an upright straight spine whist working. There should be enough room underneath the desk to allow for the user to sit with feet flat on the ground.

​Standing Desk

In recent years there has been a increase in popularity of standing desks. Standing desks are much higher than a normal working desk to allow for the user to stand at the desk rather than sit. There has been much said about the negative health implications of spending too much time sitting at a desk. Studies have linked spending a significant amount of time sitting to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Standing desks can provide an alternative. A study conducted on people who used standing desks found that they reduced upper back and neck pain by up to 54%. Although this is not always the best alternative. Studies have shown that although standing desks reduce the strain on some parts of the body, this strain may simply be moved to another part of the body. The ultimate choice of desk rests with the individual.

​The Right Couch

The couch is a wonderful place to relax after a long day working. We often think of getting home and sinking into the warmth and comfort of our couch. Although is our couch the best design for our back health? Many of us judge a good couch on whether we can sink into its dreamy softness. Although a soft couch is not the best choice for spine support. Experts say that the best couch for our backs is one that is firm, but comfortable. It must support the back without being so firm that it puts pressure on certain parts of our body. A couch should also hold you in an upright position, allowing your shoulders to sit over your hips. Your feet should always rest flat on the floor. A good couch should allow support for your back as well as comfort.

​The Right Dining Room Chairs

The dining room has fast become a central point in the home. As the popularity of open plan living spaces has increased, so has the variations in uses for the dining room. The dining room, now included in the vast living space in an open plan house, is often used for more than just dining. It is used for doing homework, entertaining and sometimes even to consume a meal. The requirement for a healthy back office chair is much the same for a healthy back dining chair. Any chair must provide support for the spine. Dining chairs should be chosen with a thought for our spines. When choosing chairs for your dining room consider lumbar support, adequate padding for support and comfort, a supportive height and a strong frame. This will allow for adequate back support for all your guests. 

We often spend a great deal of time choosing the right footwear, although very little consideration is made in choosing the best furniture for our individual bodies. We tend to choose furniture based on the style and appearance. This can lead to make bad furniture choices that lead to discomfort and back strain. Before you choose the furniture for your home, consider what furniture will provide the best support for your back. For more ideas about furniture choices see Make your Home a Place to Relax

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