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6 ideas on how to modernize a built-in wardrobe

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Residence at Powai A Design Studio Minimalist bedroom
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Although they are more expensive than conventional cabinets, built-in wardrobes have many advantages. They allow you to take full advantage of the space, since the ceiling is the limit, as are the floor and the walls on both sides of the wardrobe. By completely occupying the space between the walls, dust does not accumulate between the gaps, and the only things to be cleaned regularly are the doors. Closets can be built in varied styles with different types of doors that can be sliding, folding or hinged – keep this in mind when you want to renovate old built-in wardrobes.

One of the biggest drawbacks of built-in cabinets is the lack of flexibility. Since it is embedded in its space, it is fixed, and when we propose to change the layout of the room, the location of the closet will completely influence the new distribution of space. What you can do in such cases is to vary the design of the closet slightly by making it an open wardrobe or by changing its look to make it appear different. Here are 6 ideas to inspire you how to reform a built-in wardrobe.

1. Mirrors and glass doors

Residence at Rohini, New Delhi Design Essentials Modern style bedroom Plywood Brown
Design Essentials

Residence at Rohini, New Delhi

Design Essentials

You can add mirrors to your closet doors as they will reflect the light from the windows and make the room look much brighter and the space wider. If the idea of mirrors does not appeal to you, perhaps you can be inspired by the design in this image, which has a built-in wardrobe with large white sliding glass doors that also reflect light to create a space with lots of character.

2. Functionality, first and foremost

When you renovate built-in wardrobes, if you want to save space  in your bedroom, or in the guest room, one solution is to integrate the bed into the closet unit. You will gain space in the room, and can make the most of the area occupied by the closet.

3. Take advantage of the space

We have often talked about the virtues and advantages of mezzanines. If your house has high ceilings, why not follow the example of the design in this photograph. The designers have placed a built-in closet that does not extend to the ceiling so that the upper space can be put to an alternative use as a bed. It is an excellent way to take advantage of the available space to the maximum.

4. Make it completely open

Basant Park - Chembur Aesthetica Modern dressing room

Basant Park—Chembur


When looking for options how to modernize a built-in wardrobe, if you have a large closet, you can remove the doors and leave it completely open. By incorporating some drawers and shelves, you can create a dressing area in the blink of an eye. Additionally, removing the doors of the cabinet will make it less heavy. 

Another option is to place a dresser, like the one in the picture, in the place where the closet was. The design in this photograph has multiple sections for the organization of clothing, shoes and all kinds of accessories.

5. Or, open it partially

To renovate built-in wardrobes, if you want to have an open closet without displaying everything within, you can use curtains to cover those parts of the wardrobe that you do not want to display. In addition to hiding part of the closet, the curtains will serve as a decoration. Choose fabric to match the overall style of the room – neutral tones for modern rooms or bold colours for those with an industrial theme.

6. Let it blend with the décor

Residence at Powai A Design Studio Minimalist bedroom
A Design Studio

Residence at Powai

A Design Studio

Decorate the doors of your built-in closet in the same design style as the room in which it is located. In this photograph,  decals have been added to the door of the cabinet to create continuity in the room’s decor.

For more inspiration on renovating old cupboards and wardrobes see this ideabook

Which of these designs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.
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