​This is What You Should Do With Your Garden in January

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January is usually the month that the real cold begins to descend upon us all. The streets become empty, the days are short and the motivation to be outside dwindles. It is not the best motivation for getting out there and working in the garden. Although there are always things that need to be done in the garden. Winter is often seen as the dormant season for gardens, but there is still plenty of activities that can be done to ensure that the rest of the year is productive. This may mean pruning back trees and bushes, planning for the spring or protecting plants from the winter freeze. The work that can be done in winter can mean the difference between a relaxing and enjoyable garden in spring, or a lot of catching up to do in the warmer weather. homify has narrowed down these chores to the most important jobs for the garden in January.

​Harvest Parsnips and Leeks

Many people hold the belief that few vegetables can be grown in the harsh winter climate over January. But this is not the case. There are many vegetables that thrive at this time. Vegetables such as Parsnips  Leeks, potatoes and peas can be grown during the colder months. For those who have braved the challenges of winter vegetable gardening, January is the time to harvest the Parsnips and Leeks. These can make a wonderful winter soup to keep your motivation up during the cold weather. January is also a great time to start growing other vegetables such as peas and potatoes. For the best results grow potatoes in pots under cover to ensure they are not damaged by any extreme weather changes.

​Prune Rose Bushes

Growing roses provides a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are so many varieties of roses in so many colours. When they flower, they fill the garden with colour and fragrance. Although growing roses is not as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of patience and a fair amount of hard work. Pruning is one of the most important jobs when growing roses. January is the best time to prune roses as during the colder months they are in their dormant state. Roses need to be pruned to remove the diseased and dead stems, reduce their size, but it also encourages the annual process of renewal. Roses that are carefully pruned during their dormant stage grow back stronger and healthier in the spring with bigger and more numerous flowers. These beautiful roses were grown by Pflanzenfreude

​Remove Yellowing Leaves from Your Winter Brassicas

Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli are all members of the Brassicas family.  These vegetables are delicious and packed with wonderful essential vitamins and minerals. Cauliflowers and Broccoli make up the flower head of the plant which is harvested before the flowers open. Brussels Sprouts develop as swollen leaf buds that grow along the central stem of the plant. These plants can be grown throughout autumn, winter and spring, depending on the climate you live in. Brussels Sprouts are particularly resilient to colder climates and frost. In January, when the colder weather arrives, this may affect your plants, this time is best to remove the dead and yellowing leaves to ensure healthy new growth in spring. For more inspiration see Grow Garden Vegetables in SmallSpaces.

​Prune Apple Trees and Pear Trees

During the cold winter months many fruit trees become dormant. They are deciduous, so also they loose their leaves at this time. This presents a wonderful opportunity to prune them. There are several reasons why you should prune your fruit trees. The first is for practical reasons. As the trees grow larger, it can become more difficult to reach the best fruit at the top of the tree. These then become tasty treats for the birds and bats. Prune these trees during January to ensure you can reach all the best fruit. The second reason fruit trees should be pruned is to improve harvest quality. Pruning a fruit tree helps the tree to produce reliable, good quality crops of an impressive size. A tree with too many branches will spend more energy on maintaining the branches than on producing fruit.

​Order Your Seeds Now

January is a wonderful time to sit inside, with a hot cup of coffee, looking out onto your beautiful garden and create a plan for your spring garden. Sketch out the garden and decide what you intend to plant where. You may already have a plan for your garden, and may simply need to order seeds for a new vegetable patch and perhaps the flower beds. If this is a new garden, or if you are new to gardening, you may have a bigger job to do. When you have drawn up you dream garden design, consider what plants you need? What plants will you buy and what will you grow from seed? Will you have a vegetable and flower bed? When you have this all planned, you can now estimate how many plants, seedlings and seeds to order. Get in early to ensure you get everything you want.

​Hang Fat Balls to Attract Birds

Watching birds in the garden is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend time. It can also be good for your health, as it can reduce anxiety and stress. Although sometimes the birds are not attracted to your garden. There are clever ways of bringing birds into your garden, it is often known as bribery. Birds will visit your garden if you can offer them food, and a safe environment to eat it. One of the best foods to offer a bird is a fat ball. This can sound like something you get from a fish and chip shop, cooked in a deep fryer, although it is not at all like this. Fat balls are a special treat made from ingredients that provide essential nutrients for birds during the colder winter months. The main ingredients are suet, and seeds. These can be purchased at pet stores or made at home.

Although January is one of the coldest months of the year, there is still plenty of work to be done in the garden. Much of this work is preparation for the upcoming spring. This means that work you do now will reduce the work required in spring. Work such as pruning roses and fruit trees, planting vegetables, and ordering seeds now will mean more time in the beautiful spring sunshine. For more inspirational gardening tips see Have a Beautful Garden with Minimum Effort.

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