8 Amazing tips for decorating small living rooms

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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The living room of your house is the only place where you entertain guests. That is why it is essential to decorate the room carefully. People usually spend hours on searching for the perfect design for their standard size living space. But it gets even more difficult and time-consuming when you have to transform a small room into a fully functional living area. For this reason, we have put together eight fabulous designs that can be used for decorating a small size living room.

1. Neutral colours

The first thing to remember while designing a small area is to use neutral colours. By doing so, you will be able to give an illusion of space to the room and also make it look airy. The white marble floor along with the walls do the same in this case.

2. Textures

Another thing that can make any small living room look amazing is a textured wall. The simplest way to achieve textures is by creating a stone wall. One can either use bricks for a rustic look or granite for a modern appearance.

3. Carpets

We usually struggle to pull together the entire look of a small living room. In case you are in a similar situation then adding a carpet can act as a lifesaver. It is a decorative element that looks good in every room.

4. Mirrors

One of the simplest ways of making your small living room look beautiful and spacious is incorporating mirrors. You can either place them on the walls as a framed decorative object or use them as cabinet doors like seen in this picture.

5. Few elements

The key to making a small space look grand is a minimalistic design approach. You should always remember that the less number of elements you add the more open space you get within the room. Also, it makes the place look neat and well organized.

6. Decorative pallets

Creatively using old pallet wood can make your living room look unique. The designer of this place has used these pallets to create custom benches and sofas. By painting them off-white, the decorator was also able to achieve a beautiful contrast.

7. Open shelves

Small rooms do not have enough floor area where one can put decorative objects. That is why it is essential to use the vertical space available. Similar looking open shelves can be added anywhere in the room to display your curious or showpieces.

8. Combining environments

If you are looking to combine different environments within your living room, then make sure that the colours compliments both zones. By using same shades within the areas, you will be able to create harmony.

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