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19 pictures of modern bathrooms for your home

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Modern bathrooms are enchanting with their clean and simple lines, neutral colours and clear materials. It is very common to see white and other light colours in modern bathrooms, but there is always room for a splash of warm or cool tones that perfectly balance with the neutral shades. Other popular features in these bathrooms are mirrors, reflecting furniture and ample glass, either frosted or clear, in the shower box and the windows. This, however, does not prevent the use of wood in furniture and cabinets, or cement on the walls. Marble and granite also look beautiful in modern bathrooms, but tiles of the varied shapes and textures present the perfect opportunity for creativity. Geometric shapes, metallic elements, patterns, figures, textures and even thematic decoration are possibilities to be explored by those who want a modern bathroom. We show you 19 bathrooms in the modern style. They are full of character and inspiring.

1. Warmth

In this light bathroom, which has granite, mirror and glass, wood appears on the floor as an element that provides cosiness and warmth.

2. Wood, plants and white

A modern bathroom should have simple lines, like this one featured in the pictures above and below. White dominates the walls, the floor and the sink, and serves as a background for the wooden furniture, bench and shelves, as well as the grey countertop of the sink. The glass shower box, in turn, introduces lightness, while the plants bring life and freshness to the environment.

3. Mirror and glass

In this bathroom, a clear palette is used for the flooring, the walls and the sink cabinet. The presence of granite adds sophistication to the  decor, but lightness is brought in by the glass of the shower box and the large mirror that takes up most of the wall.

4. Gold

For the toilet, one can aim for warm elegance by using gold as the colour for the tiles that cover the whole space. It is a modern, subtle way of imprinting refinement to the environment.

5. Rustic

A modern, all-white, mirrored and glazed bathroom can gain a light, rustic look with earthy tones from tiles that mimic wood or brick. In addition, bands of green mosaic tiles add a touch of colour.

6. Geometry

Sometimes, a small detail, or two, completely defines the decor of the modern bathroom. In this case, it is the geometric coating on the shower wall, in different shades of grey, black and white, and the mirror frame.

7. Colour and cement

Undeniably modern, this bathroom looks stunning with black fixtures against the grey background of the cement-lined walls. To add life and personality, colourful graphic prints in frames decorate the walls.

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8. Wood and glass

The white background of this large bathroom emphasizes the reddish-brown colour of the wooden elements of the decoration, which, combined with the green glass of the shower box, creates a beautiful, delicate and original look.

9. Mosaic

The white that dominates in this bathroom gains sophistication with the assorted miniature mosaic tiles lining the walls of the stall. They bring a slight shimmer of silver due to the choice of light and cool colours.

10. Black and white

In this industrial-style bathroom, black and white are present in the tiled coating on the walls, while black metal elements, including pendant lamps, combine with frosted glass and spot lights.

11. Unusual colours

Using unusual colours in the bathroom can make all the difference. In this one, the pastel blue on the walls and the white grouting create a delicate and soothing environment, especially when combined with natural materials like on the hanging lampshade.

12. Vibrant colours

An all-white bathroom can come to life with vibrantly coloured elements that provide contrast, such as the red countertop of this sink.

13. Thematic

A modern way of decorating the bathroom is to choose a theme. For example, in this grey bathroom with light wood cabinetry, the frames are motocross-themed.

14. Prints and patterns

Patterns and prints can enliven and refine the bathroom decor, as in this case, where the walls have blue and white tiles in a lace-like pattern.

15. Marble and granite

Marble and granite, combined with mirror and glass, make the atmosphere very elegant and modern, like in this bathroom, where dark and light colours are balanced perfectly.

16. Modern design

In this bathroom, we see a beautiful and modern combination of natural materials such as cement and glass with organic design as seen on the windows with rounded corners.

17. Makeup counter

Big bathrooms can even have a makeup counter, as we see in this space. Here, we also see the contrast of elements in white and dark colours, like the cabinet under the sink. The use of large mirrors and neutral tones emphasize spaciousness even more, while the cool colour of the glass of the shower box acts as a chromatic counterpoint.

18. Textures

Textures are another modern design feature that can be used in the bathroom. In the image above, the wall next to the bathtub has a textured surface, which is highlighted by the lighting.

19. Shapes

Some shapes can be created in the bathroom décor to add interest, like these tile-coated walls in several shades of blue with a pattern that resembles honeycombs. It’s simple and beautiful!

You can contact one of our experts to design a beautiful modern bathroom.

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