8 pictures of modern bedrooms with built-in baths

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The bathroom is one of the most special spaces in a home. With the perfect design and the use of fragrances, it can transport us to a state of absolute relaxation and tranquillity. By this logic, even though the bathroom is almost hidden in every home, it should be a dream situation to have a small bathroom in another of our personal spaces – the bedroom. Imagine having a shower (or bathtub) two steps from our bed?! It would really be one of those great little pleasures of life.

Whatever the layout of your bedroom, if you are thinking of expanding to incorporate  a bathroom, you need to consider a few important tips before you set to work. We’ll tell you what!

1. Divide space creatively

Whichever corner the bathroom occupies, if it is not enclosed between partitions, you must find a way to separate it visually from the rest of the room. In modern designs that use the open concept, transparent covers that blend into the decoration, or subtle but effective partitions, can create the boundaries. This is the principle followed in the bathroom we see in this image, where the sink area becomes the main boundary – a perfect solution for integrating the bathroom into the bedroom.

2. Study the space and location of the bathroom

An obvious factor, and the most important one to consider, is the size of the room. When starting from scratch, it will be easier to plan the construction of a bathroom inside the bedroom, by organizing and distributing the space to our liking. If this is not the case, the first thing is to locate a little corner in the area, but one with a lot of potential to become the location of the new washbasin. The last alternative should be to have it at the entry to the room, as this won’t appeal to anyone.  Before we decide on the location, you must keep in mind the vision you have of the bathroom and how it looks in the bedroom.

3. A practical proposal: direct access to the shower

With all legal issues resolved, it’s time to get down to business. We talked about the design, the vision of the future bathroom and its relationship with the rest of the bedroom. As we mentioned earlier, it is a pleasure to be able to get out of bed and go straight into the shower, or from the shower to bed, in just a few seconds. For this to be possible, both elements should be placed very close to each other, and it’s advisable to choose a more practical design, like the one in this image.

This proposal is all functionality: the glass goes unnoticed and simply fulfils its function of separating both spaces. It does not block the shower and allows direct access to it in just a few steps. How about that?

4. The shower, best at ground level

Wandsworth London, Detached House Refurbishment and Design, Urban Cape Interiors Urban Cape Interiors Classic style bathroom
Urban Cape Interiors

Wandsworth London, Detached House Refurbishment and Design

Urban Cape Interiors

In the modern bathrooms, ground-level showers have become a trend. The benefit this brings is unhindered access that simultaneously adds comfort besides making the area seem spacious and open. This is the best among all the options that allow us to take advantage of the space, while giving our bathroom a more attractive image. Why not, use this design then? Of course, in this case you will need to modify the floor so that a small slope can be created to help the water drain.

5. What to know before you start

The first step is to explore where and how you want to incorporate the bathroom inside the bedroom. However, before starting on the installation project, you need to know there is a series of regulations that you must follow. Firstly, it must be equipped with a normal ventilation system. In case there is no possibility of installing a window inside the bath, as in the design of the image, those of the bedroom will suffice.

According to the minimum requirements that guarantee the design and quality of residential dwellings, the height between the roof and the floor must be at least 2.20 meters. And, for it to be considered a bathroom, it should have a sink, a toilet and a shower. In any case, an architect will be the right person to guide you through all legal procedures and permits necessary to carry out such work.

6. Hide the bathroom

As soon as we enter the bedroom, we will probably be able to locate where the bathroom is (it’s not that difficult, is it?). This time, we propose to place it in the far corner, almost hidden by walls, but with the glass as the partition. In this way, it connects openly with the bedroom. The advantage of this design is that, despite the transparency, it provides the privacy that every bathroom deserves.

7. Use partitions to hide elements

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern style bedroom
The Bazeley Partnership

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

We talked about how important it is to draw a separation (either physical or decorative) between both rooms, even if it is a seamless space. When the bathroom is enclosed, we can take advantage of the partition to hide certain elements that we do not want to have in sight, such as the sink or the bath. The design in this image shows us how despite creating a boundary with glass, a rolling shutter can be lowered to hide the bath. The visual connection is maintained between both rooms, by playing with seen and hidden elements in the bathroom.

8. The bedroom and bathroom, together but separate

When the bedroom is a quite large, we can consider a layout similar to the one in this photograph. It’s a bathroom that integrates with the bedroom, but is kept out of the way and protected by its own physical boundaries to create a single, but continuous, room.

As you can see, the design possibilities when installing a bathroom inside the bedroom are many. Space will influence the design, but it should not be the only factor on which we base our final decision on choosing one design or another.

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Would you consider including a bathroom inside your bedroom? Let us know your reasons in the comments.

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