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6 advantages of living on the ground floor

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Deciding on a home is no trivial matter. Before we choose one property over another, there are several factors that should be analysed. After all, a house is not just four walls but a dream space that will become a haven of peace and relaxation, a place where one lives through good and bad moments, but where one always feels safe.

From the interior decoration to the furniture and layout, every detail counts, and living in a loft in the centre of a big city is not the same as residing in a country house surrounded by greenery. So, in this ideabook, we want you to know the advantages of living on the ground floor or a low floor, one of the most debated points when choosing a house. Are you determined to move? Well, don’t miss these six points in favour of choosing a house on the ground floor.

1. Goodbye to the stairs

Have you ever thought about how much easier it would be to get to your home if you didn’t have to climb up that flight of stairs? Well, the ground floor is the perfect solution for that. At best, you may have to encounter a few steps at the entrance to a block of apartments, but if you have a detached house, you won’t even have to deal with that. Avoiding the stairs is a luxury, especially when you think about the future. As you get older and your joints aren’t as strong as when you were twenty, you will appreciate a ground floor home that doesn’t force you to climb the stairs every day. So, why not start enjoying it right away?!

2. Garden

One of the main attractions of a ground floor house is the possibility of having a garden, which is a value addition, if we consider the fact that in most urban constructions, the home overlooks, not infrequently, terraces and balconies. To have an outdoor space where you can enjoy the mild winter sun or brave the summer heat to barbecue, is a point in favour of ground floor homes. Many have, until now, considered them the 'ugly ducklings', but in reality, they can turn into ‘beautiful swans’ that everyone admires. 

With tastefully chosen furniture, pots with which you can develop your passion for gardening, suitable lighting to enjoy the starlit sky… a few additional metres to enjoy your  home is one of the charms of living on the ground floor.

3. Reduced distance

You don’t need to be a physicist to know that living on a lower floor brings the advantage of reduced distances. The higher the floor, the more is the distance to be covered, so if you choose to live on the ground floor, you will lessen the distance to your home, a great advantage, especially when you are loaded with shopping bags or groceries. You may not realise this when you move as you have professionals to help you with shifting the furniture and household items. However, for day-to-day activities such as carrying shopping, luggage or children, although it may seem irrelevant, living on the ground floor is something for which you will be grateful in the long term.

4. No worries about the elevator

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And, if you think stairs don’t matter because you have a lift to your apartment, have you ever tried to climb up several flights of steps when the elevator breaks down? Although it isn’t a frequent occurrence, living on the upper floors makes you dependent on the elevator, and when it doesn’t work, you will have to walk up or down. Additionally, if the elevator malfunctions, you could be trapped inside for hours waiting to be rescued. Choosing a lower floor will save you from these troubles and allow you to enjoy access to your home without any setback.

5. Easy to renovate

Accessibility is one of the key points in favour of houses on the ground floor as they are free of stairs and elevators. This also makes this type of property more suitable for carrying out any kind of renovation or remodelling, since you don’t have to worry about the impact on the apartment or unit below your home.

6. More burglaries: true or false?

The last of the issues that we need to cover while outlining the benefits of living on the ground floor is security. Many homeowners believe that ground floor houses are more prone to theft. However, in truth, this claim is not accurate. Contrary to how it may seem bungalows are not much more susceptible to the attack of thieves than other homes are. While they are more exposed to the road, the security largely depends on each owner. Proper enclosure, window grills, a pet or a good alarm are deterrents that will keep away thieves and make a ground floor house as safe as any other.

See 8 ideas for protecting your home from burglars and intruders for tips on keeping your ground floor house safe.

Would you choose to live on the ground floor? Let us know why in the comments.
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