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16 ideas to beautify your walls and use them as storage space

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In traditional architecture, we can see that the walls have one kind of hole or the other. These holes or gaps can either be a hollow in a wall in the form of an arch, window, door, or a storage shelf. However, nowadays designers have been using these holes for much more. There are various ways in which you can incorporate a hole into your wall or decorate the existing ones. Whether the size of the gap is small or large, there is always a solution to decorate wall hollows. Therefore, to tell you more about this we have put together an article with 16 ideas to decorate a hole in the wall.

1. Stone wall

For a rustic look opting for a false stone wall is highly recommended. These are also way less expensive than real stone walls.

2. Corner spaces

Corner spaces like these can be instantly transformed by using wall art or framed pictures of the right size. If you are wondering about how to decorate a hollow in the living room, then this is as simple as it gets.

3. A larger gap

In case there is a massive gap in the wall, then you can incorporate a desk or a platform. These surfaces can be used for office purposes or decorating artifacts.

4. Spot lights

If one does not use proper lighting, such holes can look very dull and gloomy. That is why to take advantage of hollows in walls you must install LED spotlights.

5. Under the window

The area under the window is usually left blank but to make it look amazing; you can incorporate stones or pebbles. The rocks can also be in different colours to give the space a vibrant touch.

6. Hallway shelves

Although most hallways do not have any holes, there are some which display shelves. To make these shelves look great, you can consider using little decorative items like shells.

7. Small windows

Small windows like these have become very popular over the years. They not only give you enough light within the room but are also useful from the security point of view. These windows can be decorated by using etched or coloured glass.

8. Fireplace wall

Usually, when a fireplace is installed on a wall, it is the highlight of the entire area. However, by aligning the wall with natural stones like granite or marble, you can make it look grand.

9. Plants

For decorating large gaps like these which exist between two levels, you can use potted plants. The size of the plant can depend on the area that needs to be covered.

10. Custom storage units

Casa Cocotera, TAFF TAFF Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

If you have a sleek hallway that has a few gaps, then custom storage units can be created to fit perfectly.

11. Sculptures

In case you want something more artistic than opting for sculptures for decorating these holes is another excellent idea.

12. Natural theme

A natural theme can be created quickly by opting for wood as your decoration materials.

13. In-built shelves

Incorporating similar looking inbuilt shelves on either side of a doorway will allow you to display your beautiful, curious and showpieces.

14. Adaptive designs

Designs should not only look good but must be adaptive as well. That is why the architect has built a bookshelf for this room under the stairs to make it multifunctional.

15. Decorative items

Having open shelves near the wardrobe is very common. These shelves can be used for storing your daily essentials or even small decorative items like a bonsai tree or a family picture.

16. Wall planters

Lastly, if you want to decorate your wall with holes, then such elevated planters can also be an excellent choice. You can opt for artificial flowers to make its maintenance easy.

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