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10 Fabulous wall colours for your small living room

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What are the best colours for painting a small living room? That is the first question which comes to mind while decorating a home. The most obvious answer is white. However, this colour will not add anything more than just spaciousness to the area. If in addition to enlarging the space you also want to give personality to the room, then selecting the right colour is essential. The psychology of colour is a study that analyzes how shades affect human perception. Colour psychology is something that was hardly important till a few years ago. However, in recent years such disciplines have been taken into account by interior decorators. 

If you want to find out about different paint colours for the living rooms then you must read this article. It has 10 recommendations which will allow you to make the most of a small room.

1. Navy blue

Blue is a colour that is most valued by people. Its use affects the mood very positively and gives your room a marine theme. We know that dark colours tend to shrink the space. However, the trick is to select the rest of the elements carefully. Opt for furniture in white or neutral tones and decorate the room with a clean style displaying straight lines. If you follow these tips, the result will surprise you.

2. Blue and turquoise

In our second example, we continue betting on the colour blue. However, this time with a touch of green that will bring a feeling of freshness and naturalness. In this design, we do not rely on the furniture to enlarge the space, but on the combination of different shades. It is a handy trick that allows you to use different tones on the walls. In our case, turquoise blue and turquoise green have been incorporated to extend the space.

3. Red

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Best colours for painting a living room also includes warm tones like red. These colours tend to activate the rooms where they are used by filling them with energy. Therefore, you have to be careful if you want to use red in a place like your living room. However, if you choose red, it is best to select shades like cherry or burgundy and limiting its energy with a neutral tone like white.

4. Textured wall

Apart from using colours for painting a living room one can also opt for patterns. The use of textures along with a mixture of colour is the ideal way to give your room an illusion of space. An excellent resource for this is a wallpaper that imitates wood. In addition to enlarging the area, it also gives the room a warm wooden touch. As not to saturate the environment, it is best to opt for neutral colours for the rest of the walls.

5. Bet on the target

At the beginning of this article, we acknowledged that white is one of the living rooms colours that maximizes space. However, as explained, white can be a bit boring. The most effective way to decorate the walls and make it look lively is by opting for pictures or vinyl. This feature will allow you to take advantage of all the light that a white wall offers without the room looking bland.

6. Gray and white

Another option for taking advantage of white is to paint one of the walls with a neutral tone like gray or beige. In addition, you can also get a clean and balanced space if the furniture is of neutral colour. To not be overly sober, colour notes can be included with designer items such as lamps or cushions.

7. Lime green

Green is a tone that gives amplitude, light, and naturalness to a room. In the case of lime green, the feeling of naturalness is especially significant. Lime green is characterized by having yellow in its composition. That is why we recommend its use to be limited to a single wall. If the entire room is painted with this colour, the energy will be too much. It may also end up provoking rejection.

8. A minimalist target

If you want to maximize the space, bet on the purest target. Do not use this tone only on the walls, but throughout the room.  Whether it is walls, furniture or curtains, let the purity of colour flow in all directions. By doing so a living room of just 15 square meters will become a great place which also radiates light.

9. A touch of light

Another good way to make the room shine is by combining neutral tones with colourful elements. In the example, the furniture and walls of same tones have been highlighted by the wine coloured focal wall. The advantage of this trick is that the colour note stands out in the neutral environment of the room. One can opt for any tone including blue, red, and yellow.

10. Pastel colours

The use of pastel colours on the walls give an effect similar to neutral ones. However, using their properties to decorate the room is a significant advantage. For example, a tone blue can be used to increase the positivity that the space transmits. Also, its use has a relaxing effect which makes them ideal for rooms like the living area.

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