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8 steps to clean the entire house in 3 hours (terrace included)

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There are no miracles when it comes to cleaning houses. We know that a complete cleaning can last an entire day or even stretch over two or three days! Of course, it depends upon the size of the house. So, in this ideabook, we give you some tips on how to clean a house properly in a short time, especially when visitors are expected.  

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Given the modern lifestyle, it is very rare to have a clean and neat home always. We work all day, and we do not have the time and patience to put the rug back in its place, hang the clothes we take off or stack the dishwasher. Doubtless, houses are to be lived in, but our roadmap for quick and dynamic cleaning will help to keep your house more organized. Or so we hope… Here we go!

1. 10 minutes for preparation

You have to start by shaking off laziness and getting off the sofa. When time is short, any distraction is dangerous. The first tip on how to start to clean a house is to set a time. 

It’s advisable that you collect all the material you will need, so you don’t have to interrupt your work continuously fetching  something else. Garbage bags, cleaning products, broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, bucket… these, among other things, should be gathered. If you are a very organized person, you can even make a to-do list so you don’t forget anything.

2. Pick up and sweep in 35 minutes

What causes the greatest feeling of disorder? It’s when things are out of place. So, if you are wondering how to clean a very dirty house, this is the first step. Collect and store all objects scattered throughout the house. Place clean cups in the cupboard, dirty cups in the dishwasher, arrange chairs, pillows and cushions, hang up bathroom towels… These are the little things that make the difference. Then, sweep the house and get rid of the waste.

3. Organize and clean the living room in 30 minutes

The question one always faces is where to start to clean a house. The living room is a good place to begin, since you receive guests in this space. To clean the living room, pick up objects in your line of vision, and then, use a vacuum cleaner to clean deep into the sofas and corners of the walls. Do not vacuum large pieces, as they can damage your vacuum cleaner. 

With a rag, dust the surfaces and use the right product to make them shine. Finally, you should scrub the floor, making sure that the detergent you use is suitable for the material covering the floor of your home. It’s an obvious thing to avoid, but floors can look dirty, even after they are mopped, if you walk on them before they are completely dry. Leave the windows open to dry the floor quickly.

4. Clean the kitchen in 40 minutes

The  kitchen is where you'll probably find the most dirt and grime. Oils and fats can be the main cause. It is not always easy to clean it, especially when grime gets into the tight spaces between appliances. Therefore, fill a bucket with water and a degreasing product or a neutral detergent. Alcohol is also a good choice for cleaning appliances.

Then, use a multi-purpose detergent to clean the hood and the outside of the refrigerator. Leave the sink for the last, since you will need it while cleaning the rest of the room. Finally, sweep or vacuum the floor and wipe with a damp cloth or mop.

5. Arrange the bedroom in 30 minutes

Organizing the bedroom is a key step in how to clean the house, since you’ll feel more relaxed to a clean environment. First, remove all the things on the bed, and store them in the drawers and cupboards. Change the sheets and pillowcases, and vacuum all corners of the room. For the window panes, use a cleaning product or a cloth moistened with alcohol. 

Vacuum the carpets, and wipe or mop the floor to leave a pleasant fragrance in the room. Open the window to dry the floor faster.

6. Clean the bathroom in 20 minutes

In the bathroom, it is mainly a matter of scrubbing, and do not forget the inside of the toilet! Choose a suitable product for maintaining this element so that it is always clean. Give sufficient time for the product to act after you apply it. Thoroughly clean the mirror and the sink area, which are the most visible parts of the room.

7. Organize the porch or terrace in 10 minutes

The terrace is the last area to be covered when you embark on the mission of how to clean a house properly. Sweep the space, and remove the dried or fallen leaves. Fill a bucket with water, and throw it on the floor of this area to remove the remaining dirt. Wipe the tables and chairs, and vacuum the outdoor cushions. Spray the leaves of your plants to make them shine, and remove dead leaves from them.

8. Finish in 5 minutes

Is everything in order? Then, it’s time to add the final touch to your home with scented candles, air fresheners and incense. Fresh and colourful flowers also bring a clean and refreshing feel to the house. Now, everything is in order for receiving guests!

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Do you have any other tips for cleaning the house quickly? Let us know in the comments.

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