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8 common kitchen decor mistakes and how to fix them

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We learn through our mistakes, so it is very important to commit one. But then we should also learn from others mistakes, isn’t it? Designing a kitchen is a challenge. It has to be perfect or near perfect because it is a space where a homemaker spent most of the time. In spite of taking all the care, still certain design mistakes are made that subsequently causes problems and hinders in the proper functioning in the kitchen. To prevent you from committing the same mistakes in your kitchen we have come up with 8 common flaws that are unknowingly done when designing the kitchen. But we are not just pointing at the mistakes. We are also coming up with up with some solutions proposed by our experts.

Have a look and avoid it in your kitchen.

1. Keeping the shelves open

Undoubtedly it looks modern and beautiful, but everyone cannot afford to have the open shelves in their kitchen. Open shelves requires regular cleaning and maintenance. It has to be kept in order and organized. Even if the cupboard has glass doors, it has to be cleaned regularly both from inside and outside. The greasy dirt in the kitchen is difficult to clean. It is better to have a closed cabinet, the doors of which can be cleaned on a regular basis without much difficulty. If you want to keep a few shelves open use it for decorative purposes. If you want it to showcase the crockery, then use them regularly so that it is washed and cleaned frequently.

​2. Few socket for gadgets

A kitchen is the hub for electrical appliances and gadgets. Mixer, juicer, oven, microwave, water purifier, heater… the list is long and to run all these we need power points. It will be quite uncomfortable if every time we will have to disconnect one to connect other. Possibility is also that we will have to bring an extension board with multiple sockets in the kitchen but again that could obstruct our movement in the kitchen. So plan and install sufficient sockets everywhere in the kitchen. If you still need more, get one near the island.

​3. Proper ventilation

Kitchen should be properly ventilated to keep it fresh and clean. When the kitchen is open or integrated, it is essential to check that it is well ventilated. We need fresh air and sufficient sunlight in the kitchen to combat moisture and stagnant fumes and kitchen smell. Chimney is a kitchen essential but we should also try and accommodate window or protected skylight to allow fresh air and light into the kitchen.

4. A visible dustbin

Nothing can be more of an eyesore in a kitchen than a visible dustbin filled with trash. The only solution to it is to plan before and assign a place for it. But still if you missed to do so then keep a shiny metal dustbin with covered lid on it. It will at least look presentable.

​5. Too much of stainless steel

Stainless steel is easy to maintain and will be quite comfortable in kitchen, but too much of it will make your kitchen look like a commercial kitchen or the one straight from the hospital. The warmth will be missing. But we understand that in kitchen comfort is more important than looks, so if you want go for it. Just take a clue from here and coordinate it well with colours to make it look and feel homely.

​6. Convenient handles and handle bars

It is always important to have a comfortable handles and handle bars in the kitchen cabinets and drawers. You will need it frequently and if it is not comfortable, every time it will be frustrating. It is advisable to invest in good fittings in the kitchen. Remember this one time investment will save you from lots of inconvenience.

​7. Lighting it thoughtfully

A well lit kitchen is bliss and looks beautiful in the evening. The beautiful hanging lamps completely change the décor. However, pay attention to little facts when buying lamps for the kitchen. It will get dirty and greasy in the kitchen. So don’t hang the wooden or bamboo lamps that can’t be clean easily. Use metal lamps instead for the kitchen. It can be cleaned just by wiping.

8. Decorate it for yourself

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So it is not a crime or bad investment to decorate your kitchen. Make it a comfortable and beautiful place where your family and you would love to spend time cooking and chatting. Beautiful built-in lamps, a comfortable breakfast table and welcoming colours on the walls and cabinets is sufficient to turn it into a dream kitchen space.

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