15 great ideas to make a staircase in small homes

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There are things that cannot be ignored when we talk about a small house, especially if it is one that has two floors. Yes, the  staircase is a vital element that we can’t do away with, as much as we’d like to!  

So, in this ideabook we present 15 designs of stairs that occupy little space. They are of various types and styles that are perfect as they don’t take up too much space in a small home. They are functional as well as eye-catching, so without further delay, let’s look at them.

1. A part of the corridor

You can integrate the staircase into the corridor, like in this home, by using the same colour to match the overall look. Add decorative details, like the lamp we see under these stairs that occupy little space, to enhance the beauty of the area.

2. Spiral

A spiral is an ideal design for homes with limited space. It brings movement to the area, and the design never goes out of fashion. Additionally, we can use a wide variety of combinations to create one that is perfect for our home.

3. In two sections

When you are looking for staircases for second floor in little space, a design such as this one gives a greater sense of spaciousness. The first section is left without a railing for an airy look, while the second section has a simple black safety rail. Of course, this design is not recommended if you have children at home.

4. Half a metre wide

It’s not necessary to have huge steps that occupy a lot of space. Even a narrow staircase that is half a metre wide will serve the purpose, and you can have a support rail running along the wall.

5. Futuristic

This staircase left us speechless. It simulates the feeling of walking on air. The industrial design is striking to say the least. In the staircase interior, little space has been covered, giving the small area an airy feel.

You can get help from a professional to design a stunning staircase, like this one, for your home.

6. Wood adapted to the available space

This natural wood staircase has been perfectly adapted to each of the corners of the small house. It curves to wrap around the area. To prevent the loss of visual space, the railing has been attached to the wall.

7. Foldable

If you have a storage room or attic, why not have a folding staircase like this one? This way, you don’t have to block transit space, especially since you won’t access the area every day.

8. Simple

This is the simplest of the designs we have featured. For staircases for second floor in little space, this classic ladder-like design serves the purpose without compromising on space or light.

9. Modern and minimal

This industrial design is a more modern and minimalist version of the traditional ladder staircase we saw in the previous image. It doesn’t reduce transit space, and the design is stunning!

10. Three elements in one

In this first example of types of stairs that occupy little spaces, we see how a small area can be used for more than one thing – a vertical garden as well as a bookshelf. The stairs themselves are in a simple but modern design, with the white contrasting the lush green of the garden.

11. A thousand functions in one

This is one of our favourite designs. Made with black steel and wood, it is a multi-functional unit – a bookcase, study table… it even has drawer space. Whoever said that ladders were meant only for climbing up and down?

12. In two sections in a corner

This ladder clings to the main wall, following its contour to perfection. It is made to measure with lights recessed in the wall to provide better visibility. Given its low height, the railing has been dispensed with.

13. Play space for the children

Flur , uniQ uniQ Stairs Stairs

Children never have enough space to play in a small house. Look at this wonderful design among the type of stairs that occupy little spaces. It has turned the hollow space under the stairs into a play area. If you show this design to your children, it’s sure to be their favourite.

14. Leveraging the gap

The space under the stairs throws up numerous possibilities. In this case, a wooden closet has been incorporated. Made from the same material as the stairs, it blends into the design beautifully. The space under the lower steps is converted into a decorative shelf.

15. Hidden and discreet

This staircase behind the wall doesn’t take away visual space. It’s an original and fun idea that is perfect for large open spaces or high ceilings.

See 7 tips for a small home for more design tips to make the most of your space.

Which of these designs will you pick? Let us know why in the comments.

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