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Getting rid of old stuff is not at all an easy task. There are things you value so much and there are things you have a special attachment to. But, one should not hesitate to throw away the things which are of no use and things which can cause damage to you and your surroundings. There is no point in keeping unused objects in your home, as they not only occupy space but also give your house a filthy look. What is the point in keeping an old computer or a rusted exercise machine when you no longer use them? Even, expired cosmetics, old grooming kits, torn clothes and linens etc. keep filling up your home. These can only cause more problems, rather than solving one. There are many things in your home, which are a waste of space and which can only intensify your problems. Identifying these objects and discarding them is an important task in our daily life. When you plan to have a fresh start in this New Year, do not forget to throw away all the unwanted things you have and start clean. To help you make a new start, we have compiled a list of things to be discarded. Let's begin.. 

Expired makeup, medicine and food

People spend huge amounts on buying cosmetics. But it is not advised to use them after their expiry date, as they might cause skin problems. But these cosmetics can be used for other uses. It is better to hand over these items to the people who collect them for recycling and reuse. Medical waste is another major threat to our environment. Consuming expired medicines is never safe and healthy. Old and expired tablets, tonics and syringes should be disposed properly. There are authorised collectors for the expired medicines in our country. In addition to this, you can also make use of drug-take back events happening around to dispose your expired medicines. Just like expired medicines, food materials which passed their expiry date must not be consumed as they may cause serious health issues. Canned food products and packet foods can be transferred to the recycling units.

So, now dump your old cosmetics and clean all your cabinets. The bedroom design shown in the picture above has been designed by Canan delevi, interior architects from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Dump old tooth brushes and dish sponges

Winter season comes along with flu and cold. Hence, dumping everything that causes diseases is very much neccessary at the start of a fresh year. Throw away your old toothbrushes and invest in a fresh piece as soon as possible. Dental experts always recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months as the brushes get tears and wears after continuous use. In addition to this, there will be accumulated germs in the bristles of your brush after using it for months. Dish sponges used in kitchens is another thing, which should be replaced regularly without fail. The amount of dirt in a dish sponge, which is used for months, will be more than the dirt found in kitchen sink or toilet. Expert microbiologists who had conducted a study on dish sponges found that there are many dangerous bacteria and fungus in sponges, which are used regularly for months. If you continue to use your filthy sponges for cleaning kitchen utensils, the germs will attack you through the dishes. Hence, replace your dish sponges and get rid of diseases caused by bacteria in the first go!

Get rid of old clothes, shoes and underwear

You may have plenty of old clothes, shoes and underwear in your wardrobe, which are not used by you anymore. There is no point in keeping them in your wardrobes as they are a waste of space. The best way to get rid of old clothes and shoes is to donate to a charitable trust or someone who cannot afford to buy clothes. You can also use old clothes for fund raising programs. There are textile industries which collect old clothing and provide funds. Apart from generating funds, this practice energises the workers of an organization or an NGO group to work together. Further, torn shoes and damaged clothing can be recycled and moulded into new materials like leather bags, chair padding, cleaning clothes, car seats and industrial blankets. Textile and leather industries collect old clothes and shoes for recycling. You get paid for them and you will get rid of them too. How cool, isn't it? 

How to deal with old books and magazines?

Through the process of removing old stuff, you create space for new stuff. But books and magazines are things which have got more value than many other items. One cannot just throw away the books and magazines after reading. But, one can get rid of the books and magazines in a useful way by donating them. Most of the people hardly read the book again, which they read earlier. There is no point in keeping them, unless he/she owns a personal library. If the books are not of any use, it is better to sell them to the people who sell used books. You will get a decent price and you can save some space in your home. If you are not interested in money, you can donate these books to some libraries or to some people, who cannot purchase books. Some magazines may not have value after a certain period of time. Such magazines and torn books, which can’t be used, can be recycled. You can save many trees by doing this.

Old batteries, light tubes and other technology

What to do with dead batteries and light tubes? Most of the people have no idea about this question. Batteries and tube lights used in homes and offices are just thrown away after the use. This can lead to a very serious environmental issue, as they contain highly toxic chemicals. They may pollute the soil and water, which later affects us. Finding a proper place to dump batteries and tube lights as suggested by Municipal Corporation of the district and dumping them there is one of the best ways to get rid of them and keeping your place safe. There are certain battery and tube light firms which accept old, non-functional batteries and tube lights. Finding them and selling them these stuffs is yet another safe method to avoid these materials. Other technological waste such as microwave ovens, fridges, computers, TVs and air-conditioners and their parts, should also be dumped carefully.

Throwing away old bedding and towels

One cannot throw away the old bedding and towels in the garbage cans as they only add to the environmental dirt. If the towels and beds are torn, they can’t be donated either. One of the best ways to get rid of old bed sheets and beddings is by donating them to any pet or veterinary centres. At veterinary and pet centres, old beddings and bed sheets can be used for animal shelters. They use these items for bedding of animals in their cages. By doing this, you can dump your old beddings and show some respect and kindness to your fellow organisms as well. If the beddings and towels are good, useful and you don’t want them in your homes, you can happily donate them to NGO's and charity organisations. These charity organisations will distribute them to people who can’t afford them. These beddings and clothes can also be subjected to recycling.

Hope these tips and ideas will help you have a clean and safe home this year. Would you like to see a home with subtle hues and shades of brown? Here it is - A home dressed in shades of brown

Do you have more ideas to clean your home? Feel free to share with us in the comments below. 

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