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10 pictures of modern garage doors you need at home

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Garage doors need special attention in the house. Infact it has been seen that in many houses the main entrance door does not get as much importance as the garage door. One reason for that is that garage doors are usually large and this largeness has its own impact. There are garages which can accommodate almost 2-3 cars at the same time. Currently if you check out, you will find that most of the doors are metal garage door models as these are strong and sturdy and provide solid protection. Stainless steel and iron doors are the most preferred choices. However, in many places, wood is also used as an alternative. In many homes, people have internal garage. For such garages, rugged and lightweight PVC is used.

Most of these garage doors operate on automated systems. They can be rolled up, have extendable arms or can be slid from one side to another.

1. Warm welcome from the garage door

This is a garage door apt for a modern residence. Wood is used in making this excellent door. When the width of the door is checked, it can be gauged that more than two cars can be kept inside the garage. Take a look at the design of the door. The dark wooden planks are folded and raised at the top. The main attraction of the garage door is the small window with translucent glass. This window enables entry of light into the garage smartly.

2. Blunt but masterful

This garage door is not only stylish, but also helps in maintaining great appearance in the space. You will be surprised to know that this garage door is made of metal plates, but the appearance is that of wood. Since the garage door is for a farmhouse setup, the style of the garage door is in sync with the settings of the place.

This garage door model comes with considerable width and is ideal for places where two cars can be kept. There is an automated engine that helps in operating the door by raising and lowering the door in vertical style. This is an excellent idea for modern garage doors for high-flying residence.

3. The lone garage

Check out this independent garage, which is made stylishly with wood. The garage is a large one and can accommodate minimum 6 cars. Safety is a major concern in this garage. Though wooden planks look really nice, however, they are not very appropriate for the garage door. This is the reason that the garage door is made of stainless steel. The door is a rolling one so that it is easy to open and close. The plates of the door are accumulated in the roof of the door so that there is no obstruction for vehicles to come and go into and from the garage.

4. The colourful garage

In many places it has been seen that the yard and the garage are the same place. Interestingly, when properly designed and planned, children can play in the yard of the house, when there is no car parked in the area. Check out the fantastic design of the garage cum yard.

This metallic garage door design is in the form of semi-open enclosures. This is done so that light can enter the space from all areas. Metal fences are used in the garage door. For opening the door, the block is moved upwards so that any vehicle and enter and go out from the garage easily. The use of fences has been done intentionally for syncing with the rest of the ambience. Lots of colours are used on the walls by the garage and the white fence is in sharp contrast to the same.

5. Tropical style garage

This garage is set amidst a beautiful garden. The beauty of the garden contributes to the beauty of the garage considerably. The garden is done in typical tropical style. The use of tiles, wood and other natural elements enhance the appeal of the space. This garage door is automatic in nature and it can be seen from the design. The garage door opens and closes by sliding the same sideways. There is a rail at the bottom on which the door slides. The garage door is made of wooden planks, which is reinforced with the help of metal beams.

6. The folding garage door

It is not mandatory that the entrance door of a garage has to be heavy duty or air tight. Motorized windbreaker is used for accessing the garage door. The control is done through a remote control and the PVC panels fold over and rise on the top. The cars can easily go in and out of the door.

Such kinds of garage doors are suitable when the garage is inside a property. Since PVC panels are used in the making of the door, it is not very strong. Therefore such doors are not very suitable for the exteriors. For exterior garage doors iron, wood and steel should be used.

7. Many garage doors at the same place

Garage façade FG ARQUITECTES Modern garage/shed

Garage façade


There are places where there are many garages within the same area. Check out this farmhouse where there is option of parking 10 cars in the garages. 5 numbers of garages were built in the area and each one could accommodate 2 cars each. To sync with the natural environment, it was decided that the garage doors would be made from wood, highlighted at various places for making it all the more attractive. Since the garage is located in the exteriors, layers of varnish are applied to protect from onslaught of natural forces. The doors are automated and can be raised on top for smooth entry and exit of vehicles.

8. With automated system

There are two hard wooden gates in this garage. But specialty is that there are rhombus shaped large windows on the doors for entry of light. There is system of automatic arms in the garage doors, which retract and extend and are attached to the top of the door. The best part of this garage door is that it can be easily and quickly opened and closed.

9. Ready to go

Now if you have one of the best cars in your possession, it is important that you keep the same in a well protected garage when it is not running on the roads. Rolling type, metal door is the most preferred choice of garage door for such settings. With an automated system, such modern metal garage doors will slide up and come down. The metal garage door is designed immaculately keeping in sync with rest of the garage settings. The lights and the small windows in the space complete the overall appearance of the space.

10. Residential style

This is probably the most common kind of garage door visible in most houses. Galvanized and lacquered steel is used in the making of the garage door. The ‘waves’ style in the door makes it really interesting to look at. There is a strange elegance in these kinds of garage doors.

There are wooden as well as iron garage doors models available. Check and choose the one that fits best with your requirements. You can also click here to read on about organisational tips for a modern garage.

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