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24 pictures of fences and walls for your house

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House needs to be secure and beautiful at the same time which is why we use different types of fences or walls. In addition to choosing the perfect kind of material, it is also essential to focus on the design as it gives an identity to your structure. In this ideabook, we bring you 25 different types of fences and walls that you can create for protecting your house and making it look amazing.

1. Textured wall

Instead of a plane wall, you can also opt for a textured one to add a distinctive look to your house.

2. Natural wood

For creating harmony with your existing surrounding, you can also use natural wood for the fences.

3. Logs of wood

If you want something more dramatic then opting for large logs of wood is a great alternative.

4. Simple metal railing

In case you do not want anything fancy then a simple metal railing like this can be just right.

5. White colour wood

White colour wooden wall blends easily with any outdoor decoration.

6. Stones

One can also use loose stones to create their fences as they are readily available everywhere.

7. Horizontal bars

To give your outdoor area an illusion of space you can also build a wall using horizontal bar design. Also, these are ideal types of fences for a villa.

8. Combining elements

By combining different elements like a wood and plants, you will be able to create a natural ambiance.

9. Stone wall

Stone walls for garden can also be a great way of protecting your house and making it look grand.

10. Boulders

Uncut boulders can also be used for creating fabulous looking stone structures for securing your compound.

11. Custom fences

If you have a specific design in mind, then you can opt for customizable MDF panels for creating walls or fences.

12. Different levels

By placing fencing panels on different levels, you can create your very own design instantly. This design is perfect for creating exterior walls of chalets.

13. See through wall

In case you do not want to block the outside view then a similar see-through wall made of iron bars is an excellent choice.

14. Bamboo

The simplest way to make a large area secure and look natural is by using bamboo.

15. Plaster fences

Plaster fence is another alternative which is readily available that too in various designs.

16. Diamond shaped fence

A diamond shaped wooden fence can add a regal elegance to your home.

17. Classic design

Classic designs like waves are one of the most used for creating boundaries.

18. Vertical bars

One can also build a fence on fence using vertical wooden bars and bricks.

19. Concrete pillars

To make your wooden wall more durable, inserting concrete pillars at an equal distance is highly recommended.

20. Brick wall

White brick walls is another option that you can use for creating harmony which designing the outdoor space.

21. Variety

The designer of this fence has used various individual elements to create a distinctive looking structure.

22. Bright colour wall

Painting your ordinary wall with bright colours can also make the space look vibrant.

23. Rustic look

The best way to achieve a rustic look within your outdoor space is by using red bricks and polished wood.

24. Industrial touch

Using stainless steel sheets to create your fence will give the area an industrial touch.

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