13 pictures of kitchen-tops for Indian homes

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house, as it is not just the space that serves to cook meals, but is also that part of the house, where you share giggles, laughs, and great food with your family and loved ones. The work-tops are an integral part of any kitchen design, as they provide a work surface to chop, serve food, and so much more.

Today we present a book of ideas, with 13 uber cool designs of worktops designed by our professionals that will not just make your kitchen look fantastic but also more functional and practical. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down for great designs!

1. Concrete

Worktops made of concrete are extremely resistant and yet beautiful. A concrete work slab blends well with other noble materials such as wood or steel.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

2. Great security

Granite countertops are yet another great choice for work tables as they are not just durable but also create really smooth surfaces i.e, they lack porosity which makes it ideal to handle different foods and also to clean them up in a jiffy.

3. With great warmth

This modern and beautiful wooden countertop design gives a warm and cosy touch to this kitchen, which despite its design which is sober and elegant, does not exude warmth.

4. Micro-cement

Countertops made of micro-cement are a popular choice among many home owners as they can be used in modern as well as industrial kitchens. Micro-cement counters have a texture and colour that is very pleasant and blends in well even in minimalist designs.

5. Stainless steel

Stainless steel countertops are the number one choice for most kitchens. The finish is perfect, it is durable and it blends in well with the many other appliances in the kitchen!

6. Marble

Marble is one of the finest materials known to man. And, yes, they make great work counters too. They are durable, easy to clean, highly resistant and have zero porosity which means you can use it to handle various foods without any hassles.

7. Circular shape

This pretty worktop in semi-circular shape, makes way for ample space for not just the chef but also  the diners. Enjoy preparing a hearty meal for your kids, while they fill you in on what happened at school. And, yes, there is ample space for all your kitchen appliances too!

8. Laminate

Whoever said that wood laminate is used only for floors? You can now give your kitchen a warm, homely and elegant feel by using wood laminate for the work counter.

9. Bright red

This beautiful worktop features a glossy lacquer finish in an intense red colour that is a visual treat. This is a very striking and innovative way to brighten up your workspace without having to spend a fortune.

10. Complementing

This beautiful wood-based worktop is complemented by the collage of colourful and bright tiles that protect the walls from splashes. Wooden countertops blend in well with any kitchen size and design.

11. Stone

Another way to brighten up your kitchen is integrating a stone countertop, which not only gives you a very durable surface to prepare and cook food, but also lends a touch of luxury and distinction to your kitchen.

12. Crystal

If you want to do it different, try glass. It is luxurious, it is elegant and it is perfect. The dark tone of the crystal counter top contrasts well with this beautiful kitchen in white. All in all, a mesmerising effect, don’t you agree?

13. All white

You simply cannot beat the effect that white can create. Here is a worktop in white that blends beautifully with the modern and minimalistic design of this great kitchen. The elegance and finesse that this counter top idea exudes, will make your kitchen your neighbours envy.

For more fabulous design ideas for your home, click here.

So, those were 13 really cool kitchen counter top ideas, which of them appealed to you most?

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