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10 pictures of showers and bathrooms for Indian homes

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Bathroom trends keep on changing with time. Installation of Italian showers is the latest trend that is seen in many homes nowadays. Such setups are also known as installation of showers at ground level. Many people say that bathtubs are highly appealing, but when compared to these bathrooms, they seem very ordinary. These bathrooms have unique design and are highly presentable.

It is quite interesting to see that the original concept of Italian shower is not there in every setup, they are mostly inspired. In the original bathroom with the concept, there is a pavement which is shared with the rest of the bathroom. The use of shower trays in the bathroom adds a unique appeal to the space. However for setting up showers at ground level, it is important to have necessary and adequate space so that a siphon and an evacuation channeling system can be made on the floor. For creating a bathroom of this sort, it is better to endow the responsibility with a trained and professional expert.

Mentioned below are 10 extraordinary Italian showers and you will now know why they are so popular:

1. Creating your own space

One of the biggest advantages of ground level showers is that they have no steps and hence they are best as room-showers. These don’t add any special element in the bathroom, but they are a space of their own. You can of course create a wall so that the showerhead is separated from the rest of the space, but still there is connectivity with the rest of the bathroom.

2. The glass cube in the bedroom

If you want a stylish bathroom to be integrated to your bedroom, there is no better alternative than installing a glass cube in the space. The shower tray is protected with the help of a glass cabinet. The glass in the cube is translucent for privacy. However, one side of the glass is transparent so that a clear view of the bedroom can be seen. This bathroom setting imparts an elegant, sophisticated yet luxurious appeal to the bedroom.

3. For bathrooms which lack space

If you thought that Italian showers cannot be installed in small bathrooms, you are mistaken. The only problem is that you don’t have much option for choosing the location for installing the shower. Generally since the space is limited, the water splashes to other areas in the bathroom. It is recommended not to leave the shower open. Rather it is better to install a bulkhead so that there is insulation as much as possible.

4. Choosing a good site for the bathroom is important

While installing an Italian shower, you can be flexible regarding the place where you want to install the same. There is no need to search for a corner for installation of this kind of bathroom. It can be done right in the middle of the space. The shower is so light in its design that it can be fitted at any place. It does not interrupt with the décor of a space in any way. These walk-in showers are generally larger than normal showers and come in widths of 120-200 cm.

5. Comfort is an issue for sure

Check out this awesome bathroom and you are sure of falling in love with it for sure. Check the amazing looking shower tray in the shower area and the easy access to the same. If you live with people who are aged and have issues with mobility, such a bathroom is the ideal one. The bathroom remains dry and hence accidents can be averted.

6. Pure modern bathroom

Bath The Solid Surface, BATH BATH Modern bathroom

Many people opine that the concept of Italian showers date back to Romans. But the designs of the bathrooms are really modern and contemporary. Classy, ethereal and light – these bathroom trends are here to stay for long.

7. Combining colours in the bathroom

This design of the Italian shower is simply superb. There is a room for the shower separately. It is like a wardrobe inside the bathroom. There is a screen in bright orange shade, which imparts an intense impact to the space. The bathroom is done in a manner so that there are no chances of water splash or leakage.

8. Suitable for all styles

This Italian shower has a modern style with minimalistic décor, but it delivers style in an impeccable manner. The tiling covers and the space for the shower have a rustic appearance and appeal. The shower has a perfect combination of the traditional and the modern, which makes it so very special.

9. Combination of various materials

This bathroom style is a combination of Italian shower and Mediterranean style with inclusion of various linings and materials. The wine color in the bathroom brings in energy and warmth to the space. The shower area is done in a special manner where the walls have been lined with tiles in white shade. There is a wooden carpet kind on the shower tray. Slips can be averted with the wooden carpet.

10. A little higher up

This design of the Italian shower is fascinating. In this setup, the screens for walk-in shower are slightly elevated and this is what makes the appearance of the bathroom a little different. Both the sink and the shower share the same floor. The elevation is kind of illusion and it is the attraction of the space.

Now that you have ideas of ground level showers, try installing one at your home and add style to the place.

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