20 excellent ideas for covering walls of dining and living rooms

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Living room and dining room are the places in a house where guests are welcomed. Hence it is important that these places in the house remain well decorated and organised so that they attract the attention of guests. Even while renovating or remodelling the house, these spaces should be given more importance so that they get noticed easily. And this can be done by various means. Try cladding on walls for those extra effects. You can also add character to the walls by using various kinds of materials, textures, colours and even lighting schemes.

Mentioned below are 20 amazing ideas for working on walls in the living room and dining room:

1. Living room wall with 3D geometric patterns

Check out this extremely interesting wall in the living room, which has an embossed and geometric finish. The lights that are set in the room are magical and they create interesting shadows in the place. The various objects in the living room have an enhanced appeal with the lighting system and the whole space looks bright and beautiful with the arrangement.

2. Using lights as coatings

You have no idea as how lights can enhance the appeal of a space brilliantly. See the use of lights in the living room and you will be surprised. The tubular lights make the space look different, but very beautiful. The total ambience of the room changes with the lights and becomes attractive.

3. Using a large picture

This might seem to be a peculiar solution for you, but it works well. In many houses there are large pictures and images and people do not know how to use them to decorate their house. Well, if the picture is large enough, it can be used as a coat for a wall in the living or the dining room. And believe it, it looks excellent. Furniture in grey shades and proper illumination of the picture can create a great ambience without much effort in the place.

4. Using visual texture for the coating

You might not understand, but this is actually wallpaper art. The design of the wallpaper is really interesting and helps in creating an amazing visual texture. The colour as well as the printed figures on the wallpaper makes an interesting effect in the whole room. A sense of vibrancy is felt all over the space.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. Using wood for sobriety and warmth

Wood has always been a great favorite with people when it comes to wall cladding and wall décor in living room or dining room. This is because wood has a sense of soberness and unique style. When the furniture in the room is in light shades, this dark wooden wall work looks amazing and fine.

6. Highlighting the design on the wall

You are surely going to love this large alcove in the living room wall. There is an artistic coating on the wall in metal painted black color. On it there is an interesting detail, which is in sync with the color patterns and textures of the walls and the furniture in the room.

7. Wood in a different style Like

Like the previous wooden work on the wall, this one  is completely different. This is a bright and clear looking wooden wall and floor, the effect of which is enhanced further with excellent lighting. To add to the space, sofas and cushions in vibrant hues are placed in the room. Different styles can be created in the same room by playing with different colours and lighting arrangements.

8. Perforated wooden coating

This wall décor is nothing very hi-fi, but it has an amazing effect. The wooden wall has circular perforations. The specialty is these perforations have white globes with bulbs fitted inside. This décor is simple but creates a unique decoration and appeal.

9. Use of stone in the partition wall

In this setting, the living room and the dining room is separated by a stone wall, which is stylishly done. Natural stone is used in the making of the whole wall. The fireplace is open to both the living and the dining room.

10. Use of stones for perfect country house settings

Country house settings are always attractive when done in the right manner. These stones help in providing lots of texture on the walls and look like handmade affair. Different sized stones are used in creating the wall in the room. There is a rustic style to the whole setting, making it look really attractive.

11. Combination of stone, plaster and wood

If you thought stone could only be used for creating rustic settings, you are mistaken. See this stone wall in an apartment, which syncs excellently well with the beams in the room, with the furniture, other wall colours and most importantly with the flooring. The stone wall has different shades – from coffee tone to light sand colour. There are colours which match with some element in the room and create a perfect ambience.

12. A wall which is dark and textured

Choosing a dark wall for the living room or the dining room gives depth to the space. There is a suspended shelf right next to the dark patterned wall in wooden colour. To make the place more attractive, proper lighting has to be done so that the effects are felt in the right manner. Nothing should be kept on the shelf as it will hamper the appearance of the wall greatly.

13. Its wood all the way on the wall, floor etc

Check out this amazing dining room space and you will see that there is abundant use of wood all over the place. The floor, the ceiling, walls, the furniture—everything is of wood and in different patterns and textures, breaking the monotony every now and then. The floor and the wooden tabs are wooden but with varying tones and this create effects. The colour contrast helps in creating a great ambience.

14. Absence of colour almost

If you are looking for a cozy yet elegant and sophisticated setting for the living room, you can think of some classic wallpaper with the same color tones as that of the furniture in the room. However, there might be certain elements in the room, which will come in contrast shades and stand out. In this case, it is the lamp, the table and the fireplace which are painted in black.

15. Interesting geometric pattern – an original coating

People who are ready to experiment with new ideas and patterns can surely try this. This is a modern design you can try on the wall with a jacket kind of design. Rectangular elements in different colours are used on the walls. These are fixed at the same distance and create a uniform geometric pattern. Choose the colours for the rectangles carefully.

16. Walls in same style as the furniture

This is a simple design but very attractive. The wall coating is seen in vertical line pastel shades and seems to be just perfect for the room. The combination of the metal chair and the choice of flowers in the same pastel shade complete the décor of the place excellently.

17. Use of vinyl

You have no idea how using vinyl can change the settings of a room completely. Using vinyl is highly fashionable. Try it in the dining room and see how the place changes immediately without the need of doing much. It provides joy and movement to a place.

18. Forest inside the living room!

Surprised? Try getting a forest image, which is lively and bright and use it on one of the walls in the living room. Place the sofa right in front of the wall and see the magic that is created immediately. The feeling of nature and environment can be experienced right in your living room with the right settings of the place. The image should be printed on perforated micro canvas or on vinyl. If you have a photograph of such a place you have visited, use the image for better effects and results.

19. Coat without high expenses

Apply a smooth paint finish on the walls. Now try and create some fine details, like lines in low relief etc. Such detailing help in creating a modern wall and also makes the place feel like more spacious

20. Bricks everywhere on the wall

The whole wall in the diningspace is done with bricks and sis left in the raw state. The furniture is in contrast with the wall and creates an amazing effect. The ceiling lights help in adding to the charm of the place brilliantly.

Try these styles on the walls of the living room or dining room in your house and see how the place gets transformed brilliantly in no time at all. Most of these designs and patterns are low on investment and need minimal materials and other things. Just plan accordingly before the remodelling work.

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