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10 great ideas for optimizing space in a small bedroom

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Modern homes are becoming smaller. That is the reason we often do not have the space that we would like in our  bedrooms. Do not worry… we have the solution! As always, we want to inspire you through these 10 ideas so that you know how to optimize space in a bedroom, especially a small one.

We know that there are times when invest in storage so you can organize everything you have, but you still feel like you don’t have enough space at the end of it or that the bedroom lacks something. We hope that you can say good-bye to this feeling when you finish reading this ideabook.

1. Use mirrors

Mirrors are not only a decorative element that lets you see how good you look, but they also can do a lot for the aesthetics of the bedroom. Mirrors on the sliding doors of the wardrobe will immediately give a bedroom more visual depth.

They are beautiful too!

Depending on how you place the mirrors in the bedroom you can achieve different looks. Whichever style you choose, mirrors will always add elegance, functionality, beauty and depth. For optimizing space small rooms need mirrors to make them appear larger, so if you have a tiny bedroom, adding mirrors is recommended.

2. Furniture for every need

A bedroom is one of the rooms of the house in which we need a lot of furniture. We need a closet, a bed, maybe a couple of bedside tables, and if we are talking about a teenager's room, the need is multiplied as they need space for a desk, books, and even a gaming console. For optimizing space in a small bedroom, invest in furniture that brings together everything you need within the space. That way, you can keep everything tidy and accessible, besides making the bedroom more comfortable and functional.

… Matching elements

A tip for making your bedroom visually bigger is to choose the same material for the closet as for the base of the bed, or the desk. When it comes to optimizing space, small rooms benefit from aesthetic homogeneity.

3. Good lighting

Artificial lighting is essential in a small bedroom to make it look bigger. Distribute different light sources throughout the room or introduce backlighting in places such as the headboard.

… mostly natural

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bedroom overlooking an open space, from where natural light can enter freely. However, if your bedroom has windows to the street, open the curtains to let the light in. This will help in optimizing space in a small bedroom by making the room look bigger, and it will add a more cheerful ambiance to the room. Natural light works miracles!

4. Multi-functional furniture

Earlier, we talked about furniture for storage, but there are also some pieces that are multifunctional. For example, a bed-cum-desk, brackets that have two beds and drawers… choose furniture that serves more than one purpose for clever solutions on how to optimize space in a bedroom.

Contact a professional to get furniture designed for your specific needs.

… besides they are cosy!

Look at this lovely bedroom! In just a few square meters, thanks to the use of multifunctional furniture, a most welcoming and well-organized look has been achieved. Ah, we also see how a mirror has been included!

5. Take advantage of every gap

Every bit of free space in your bedroom is important. Keep in mind that we should not neglect even a millimetre when optimizing space in a small bedroom. If you have space under the bed take advantage of it. You can pack suitcases with seasonal clothes that you won’t need and store it under the bed. Alternatively, you can use the space to store shoes you wear daily, or anything else that will help you keep the room in order.

6. Smaller furniture

You don’t need to have a double bed, especially if you live alone. In a small bedroom, a single bed as beautiful as this one will serve the purpose just as well. If you choose a model that has a skirt, optimize the space to the maximum by storing a lot of your clothes or shoes underneath.

Notice in this image the furniture on the right? It has a table top with space underneath where two fabric stools can be stashed… a great idea for how to optimize space in a bedroom!

7. White

The colour white will always be your best ally for any small space. Dark colours detract from your bedroom’s potential, while white reflects the light and makes it look much wider than it is.

8. Beds that disappear

When the bedroom is used for other activities during the day, one of the best options is to install folding beds. This way, you only need to pull down the bed when you want to rest, while the bedroom is spacious for doing other things during the remaining part of the day. It's a great alternative for the kids’ room, don’t you think?

9. Just the basics

We shouldn’t fill our bedrooms with too much furniture when we do not have enough space. There are some things that are fundamental to a bedroom, like the bed, and maybe even a couple of bedside tables. With just those three elements, and some decorative details, we can get a bedroom as pretty as this one.

10. Bedrooms that look like a parlour

The furniture that we see in white in this image, has a folding bed. However, to take advantage of the room the rest of the time, a sofa with wheels has been placed, which makes it easy to move around. For optimizing space, small rooms such as guest rooms can benefit from a similar solution so that you can put it to alternate use during the day!

For more ideas on decorating small bedrooms see this ideabook.

Which of these tricks are you going to try in your bedroom? Answer in the comments.
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