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Lavish kitchens: your essential guide

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As the saying goes, the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Following this logic, surely the heart of every home is therefore its kitchen! It’s the place where meals are prepared, families gather and friends socialise for dinner parties.

The nature of a kitchen’s use means that it needs to be hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. Nevertheless, there are myriad ways to personalise this most important of rooms so it reflects one’s taste and personality. Considering how frequently the kitchen is used and seen by guests, it makes sense to ensure it looks the best that it can be. This is where homify can help!

Read on and you will see what we consider to be the most essential elements that will make your kitchen lavish and stand out from the crowd!

Exclusive surfaces

Kitchen Back Splash In California, USA ShellShock Designs Country style kitchen
ShellShock Designs

Kitchen Back Splash In California, USA

ShellShock Designs

Kitchen surfaces need to be tough but they can also be beautiful and here’s the proof. ShellShock Designs offer luxury, seamless freshwater Mother of Pearl mosaics, which can be seen in the pictured pure white back splash. These back splashes are practical yet precious and available in a huge array of exquisite colours, patterns and stylish designs.

These treasures of the sea arrive direct from the source courtesy of ShellShock’s skilled team of artisan farmers, who are committed to ethical practices and sustaining the environment. This truly one-of-a-kind product is ideally suited to commercial or residential use and would enhance the level of luxury in a kitchen like nothing else. You'd also be in the privileged position of knowing that nobody else could have the exact same kitchen surface as you.

Elegant storage

Meccanica Kitchen steel frame Valcucine Modern kitchen

Meccanica Kitchen steel frame


Anybody can have standard kitchen cupboards, but to really elevate your space a little higher, why not consider something a bit more bespoke, such as stylised racking and storage solutions?

Just take a look at this gorgeous example and you'll see that this is head and shoulders above a flat pack kitchen bought from a DIY store! The industrial exposed metal combined with dark wood and brushed metal doors almost takes on a retro Scandinavian vibe and we don't think we need to tell you how hot that is right now, in interior design terms!

Kitchen island

Brilliance in Simplicity: How to Evoke Old World Charm with Reclaimed Oak The Wood Galleries Country style kitchen
The Wood Galleries

Brilliance in Simplicity: How to Evoke Old World Charm with Reclaimed Oak

The Wood Galleries

A dream inclusion for many people, a kitchen island is a surefire way to ensure that you have an exceptionally lavish kitchen, but it isn't only good for appearances sake! Don't forget what a fantastically practical inclusion an island can be in your kitchen, as it offers extra storage and additional worktop space for the easy preparation of family meals. 

We love this example, with its transparent doors, as you could use this as an opportunity to show off some fantastic crockery and glassware.

Large dining table

If your kitchen space can accommodate it, we think nothing adds a little touch of luxury quite like a large dining table. A wonderful feature to have in the middle of the room, a table of large proportions will quickly become the hub of any home, being used not only to eat on, but also complete homework and just generally socialise at.

The style of table you opt for will naturally depend on your décor style, so for traditional homes, something a little more farmhouse in character might be nice, whereas a modern and open plan home could make great use of a cantina bench table, as seen here.

Flooring that wows

Project 820 Artichoke Modern kitchen

Project 820


If you have a smaller kitchen, you might be thinking that some of our ideas so far have been a little too grand to be able to work in your space, but don't fret as we have some ideas for you too! To embrace a lavish kitchen, we think you need to work from the ground up, so think about the flooring that you are putting in place! While polished concrete or patterned Linoleum might look good, if you want opulence, we think you should go all out and try something like wooden parquet.

The perfect way to increase the high-end factor of your home, herringbone parquet not only looks good, it will also add value to your home. We suggest you get the experts in to lay it for you, however, as this is not a simple weekend DIY project!

Individual lighting

A lavish kitchen needs fabulous lighting, otherwise how else will everybody see how fantastic it is? That's how we choose to justify blowing the budget on designer lamps, but however you want to is fine too, as long as you acknowledge that lighting is an important facet of your newly decorated kitchen!

We think that opting for something a little more unusual really makes for an eye-catching and stunning main feature and if you have the ceiling height for it, pendulums could be your new best friend. Don't you just love this multi-bulb design? 

Elaborate electronics

You can't put together a lavish kitchen if you simply rely on readily available electronics, can you? The whole point of being a little over the top and showy is that you can seek out some of the more exclusive and unusual items on the market and when it comes to cookers, nothing is more unusual than this example!

In what looks to be an ultra modern and minimalist kitchen, this floating cooker hob is absolutely ideal. The perfect style companion to the understated nature of the wider space, we just know that guests will be desperate to know what it is and where you got it from. We can keep a secret… can you?

Fashionable accessories

Let's see what we have in place so far. A great floor, stunning storage, the most exquisite counter top available and funky electronics, so what can possibly be left? One of a kind designer kitchen accessories, of course! 

Imagine something like this copper and gold plated espresso machine gracing your worktop. You'd almost be afraid to use it wouldn't you? As much a decorative item as a practical addition, we think this would be in great company with perhaps a designer juicer and a high-end bean grinder. This is your opportunity to show that you want a functional as well as stunning kitchen, so go wild!

A fabulous sink

The final piece of the puzzle has to be a beautiful sink and we are blown away by the gentle curves and deep inset of this example! With a lovely stainless base, the smooth touch work top has been carved away to create a deep, usable sink that wouldn't be out of place in any high-end kitchen. Plus, we like any excuse to install a designer tap with a spray function. It's all about the little details, after all!

For more exclusive materials inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Interior Design Advice For An Exclusive Home. If you like the finer things in life, this is for you!

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