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15 ideas to improve your backyard

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The secrets of the backyard are not so secret anymore, or so it would seem, if the word of us at homify is anything to go by that is! If you're looking for ways to spruce up your backyard then we have just the thing. Sit back, relax, and unwind as the tranquility of the great outdoors holds you captive for longer than you can imagine. 

1. Pebbles for the base

For smaller backyards that do not allow for ample lawn space, here's an idea for you to dabble with. Place pebbles along the bed of your lawn upon which you can place pots and accessories of your choice. 

2. Relax and unwind amidst nature

To add a sense of warmth and belonging you your backyard, turn into a leisure area- a place where you can unwind and relax leaving behind the humdrum of everyday life. What's a backyard without people to bring it to life after all, wouldn't you say? 

3. Mow your lawn regularly

Unkempt lawns are a big no no especially if you bank on it for the aesthetics of your backyard. Regularly mow your lawn so that it looks neat and tidy. You could also line the lawn with flowers so that your line of sight is not always met by a pop of green, but with bits of color here and there as well. 

4. How about a wooden deck?

A wooden deck can be a great alternative to a regular lawn. Wood adds warmth and coziness to the area, leaving the leaves with a bit of companionship! 

5. Turn your yard into a garden

While most of us might not be blessed with a backyard or even a garden, options are always just around the corner. Turn your regular looking yard into a garden by integrating pots and plants at any point that you deem fit. 

6. Vertical gardens

Now here's a thought that' becoming- vertical gardens. Not only do they save up on space, but also add a unique perspective to your backyard. All you need are some wooden shafts or even old word out windows to uphold your pots and plants. 

7. Create a garden in the yard

Picking off from where our last secret left off, here's another one. Vertical gardens, enhanced by the presence of crates within which you can grow herbs, plants and just about anything that chooses to grow in your backyard! 

8. Recycled items for the backyard

Recycled items can make their way into your backyard in the simplest of all ways. You could use them as pots for your plants or even as items of decoration depending on how you choose to wing them. 

9. Calling out to desert aficionados!

For those of you who are pressed for time and can't seem to find any to tend to your garden, we have just the secret for you! Cacti! Cacti or succulents come in a wide array of shapes and structures and can be arranged in the manner depicted in the image. 

10. Organize your garden

Gardening entails a great deal of maintenance and any avid gardener will testify to that. Rather than having your tools and belongings scattered around the yard, you could organize them by keeping them all in one place such as in this image.  

11. A backyard fountain

Backyard fountains are becoming and how! Not only are they helpful when it comes to aesthetics but have also gained popularity due to the Feng Sui factor. They also make a nice little realm of nature right in your backyard where birds and butterflies mingle with the greenery all around. 

12. A brazier for the backyard

For those of you who enjoy an evening around the campfire- here's our substitute for it. A nice little brazier tucked away in the serenity of your backyard. Oodles of warmth, wine and dine await your presence monsieur! 

13. Install a tree house

Here's a great way to keep your kids engaged in a tryst with nature. Put up a tree house with colors and bright elements that will bring life to your backyard. You could also construct the tree house from scratch with your kids. 

14. Keep an ecological feeder in place

Ecological feeders are a great way to engage the wild elements of nature. If you'd like to have frequent visitors to your backyard, then here's exactly what you need. 

15. Outdoor kitchen

For those of you who like to dabble with barbecues here's an idea for you to experiment with. Set up a tiny little kitchen in your backyard so you can whip up some of your favorites when the pangs of hunger strike. 

If these ideas didn't do the trick for you, then here are 27 more!

We're all ears to hear some of your secrets!

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