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How an 85sqm apartment maximized on space

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Architetto Alberto Colella Modern style bedroom
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There are times when you have a decent size apartment but still, require more space. It may be because the family has grown or you need a study or work area isolated from the rest of the rooms. It could also be because you feel cramped up and require more space to live a comfortable life. The immediate solution is usually to change the residence. But in case, you feel emotionally attached to your home, the area where you live, or even your neighbors, then here are a few simple alternatives. 

You can put the project in the hands of a professional who will solve your problem of space. They will also save you from the trouble of looking for a new home. The remodeling that we show you today, designed by the architect Alberto Colella, is a perfect example of maximizing space. You can read all about the project in this ideabook and maybe even seek inspiration to meet your requirements.

1. Original apartment

The image we present here shows the floor plan of the original apartment. The entrance was made by a single open space which was located precisely in the center of the apartment. It was here that the dining and living room existed. After turning left one could access to the kitchen and a large terrace. On the right, the doors to the children's room, bathroom, and the master bedroom are located. Also, a second terrace served as a balcony for the children's room.

2. Restructured apartment

After the restructuring project, the apartment does not look the same. From the entrance, a small corridor leads directly to the living room which has a terrace, dining area and a direct connection to the kitchen. To the right, a door leads to a small hall that opens to the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Whereas on the left, a door opens onto a second hall leading to the children's bedrooms. A terrace and individual bathrooms also serve kids rooms. The restructuring of the house was made in an extremely rational and functional way.

3. The light

The client contacted the architect so that they could create extra room in the house. The two children of the owner grew up, and now each one has their own taste, needs, and commitments. The apartment, however, is built on a small area of 84.5 meter square.  Because of its small size, all the area it has are indispensable which means one cannot give up any. The architect  Alberto Colella developed a project of based on restructuring of the apartment which resulted in a fantastic outcome. Also, the light was a plus in this house and was not forgotten.

4. Living room

The image that we present here shows you the room that includes a dining space and direct entrance to the kitchen. From here you can see the door leading to the private area of the master bedroom, as well as the hall leading to the children's bedrooms. Everything is well organized, airy and bright. Also, no atmosphere overlaps the other, therefore, creating an harmonious design.

5. Kitchen

Two sliding glass doors separate the living room from the kitchen. It is undoubtedly the ideal solution to ensure that the kitchen window light can also illuminate the dining space that would otherwise remain dark. For the environment to have a greater sense of brightness and size, it was decided to equip the space with a white mainly minimalist style furniture. A perfect use of space and all its features.

6. Living room corner

Standing with our backs towards the entrance of the apartment, we can observe the space dedicated for the living room. The back wall was decorated so that the environment did not become too dull. A light coloured sofa was positioned transversely onto the side wall. However, leaning against its back, a sideboard functions as a library and storage area, which is discreet yet functional. On the right, you can see the transparent glass door that gives access to the terrace. It also allows the entrance of natural light that floods the space, making it even more bright.

7. Children's area

We are finally in the area dedicated to the children. Each room has been decorated to represent a theme which was preferred by the kid who uses the space. The bed, bookcase, table, and wardrobe are elements that equip each of these rooms. The colours tend to be clear, however, with touches of bright and vibrant shades the ambiance looks lively.

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