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Give your rustic style kitchen a successful makeover

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Bored of your dingy kitchen and want to give it a makeover that will be appreciated by everyone without exceeding your budget? Then give it a rustic touch with simple changes that will transform its environment and make it appear warm and welcoming. Rustic kitchen does not mean that you have to let go of your modern gadgets as these can be accommodated easily with aged wood furniture and cabinets. Add small elements of country life like plain covered chairs, stone back-splash along with ceramic salt and pepper shakers and mix it with electrical gadgets that have similar warm hues. Here are a few inspiring ideas that can help to give a unique twist to your rustic kitchen.

Paint your kitchen with neutral colours

Light neutral colors give instant brightness to a rustic kitchen and can be easily maintained by cleaning the walls with mild soap. In this soft toned kitchen decorated with pantone rose walls and cabinets, the black granite provides a lovely contrast. Wide open windows bring bright daylight into the room so you do not need any artificial lighting. Exposed wooden roof beams given a rustic air to the kitchen that is enhanced by glass fronted cabinets built into the walls.  By painting the wall and counter cabinets in a neutral tone as the walls the decorator has given a symmetrical touch to the kitchen layout.  Rustic wooden chairs with woven seats are perfectly suited for this wooden floor kitchen as they add warmth and cheer to the area.

Utilise exposed brick walls

Rustic kitchens look more authentic if they have brick walls which are not plastered. While this may look a little awkward to people used to clean whitewashed walls it can enhance the appeal of the kitchen by giving it a shabby chic appearance. In this rustic kitchen the area has a cosy appearance as an exposed brick look is limited to only the connecting wall between dining room and kitchen. Pewter blue kitchen island with a wooden counter suits the elegant high chairs in warm brown with knitted seats.

The stone floor adds to the rustic appearance of the kitchen in tandom with large rectangular beams on the roof. The arched brick entrance between the kitchen and dining room makes it easy to serve guests or invite them into the kitchen. The exposed brick wall here has been cleverly used by architecture firm Ing. Vitale GrisostomiTravalglini,  to fix the chimney with minimal fuss.

Design with wooden flooring

Though a wooden floor adds to the charm of a rustic kitchen, in today’s world of diminishing forests using wood throughout the house is expensive. The elegant mix of wood and tiles in this country style kitchen shows how modern and rustic styles can blend seamless together. A breakfast nook right in front of the grey cooking range makes it easy for the cook to keep an eye on guests during dinners and make refills as and when required. The elegant wooden settee with a carved back can be used as a waiting area when there are too many guests. At one corner of the kitchen there is a built in cupboard with a carved rim and hand-painted door which looks perfect against soft toned walls.

Worktop in rustic country style

Not all rustic kitchens are spacious and keeping too many pieces of furniture like stools and chairs can restrict movement in the area. As kitchen counters are generally crowded with cooked food, cooking ranges and vessels, it is safer to have a separate preparatory area with a small sink to cut and wash ingredients before cooking. The kitchen island here is given a rustic twist by having an unpainted wooden surface for a worktop table appearance.

It doubles up as a breakfast nook with two folding chairs that can be kept against the wall when not in use. Though most kitchen islands have cupboards and other shelves for storage this design is more like a work table so its bottom section is bare. Large industrial style dome shaped lamps just above the worktop provide sufficient light for the kitchen when windows are closed.

Incorporate suitable rustic furniture

If you like the old world charm of pretty ceramic salt shakers, bottles, and other kitchen ornaments then create a perfect atmosphere for them in a rustic kitchen.  This country kitchen may appear cluttered by it has elegant little touches that make it ideally suited for any kind of home. The walls made of wooden logs give it a log cabin like rustic splendor that is enhanced by the chandelier decorated with leaves and grape bunches. White shabby chic chairs with horsehair cushions surround a rectangular table topped with a beautiful dark brown teakwood surface. The dining table base is painted with chalk white to retain symmetry with stylish sheaf-back dining chairs. Hand painted tiles of fruits and vegetables around the cooking range and back splash region add colour to the light grey sandstone counter.

Have the proper lighting

Every rustic kitchen is characterised by open windows and natural light and you should try to incorporate that for a rustic atmosphere. In this bright and thoughtfully designed kitchen every inch of space has been carefully utilised. The low roof has recessed LED lighting that creates the right amount of brightness across the kitchen while lights above the counter can be switched on when required. Large windows on both sides provide sufficient brightness throughout the day and reduce need for artificial lighting. The wide island with a  workstation in the center is ideal for preparation and also as a breakfast nook.

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