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Integrating Your Smartphone or Tablet in Your Home!

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Technology is advancing rapidly. What we are able to do using technology today was only dreamed about a few years ago. One of the most impressive advances in technology today is the smart house. The term ‘Smart House’ has been used widely in recent years, but what does it actually mean? A smart house refers to a home that has appliances, heating, lighting, air-conditioning, televisions, computers and audio visual systems that can be controlled remotely either with a timer, or from anywhere in the house, or anywhere outside of the house using a smart phone or tablet with internet access. This has provided us with a variety of benefits including a saving time, energy and basic living costs. Although how can such a device really save us time and money? If you are running late home, you can easily use your phone to activate the oven to prewarm in preparation for the evening meal. It can save us money by setting the lighting to turn itself off after the last person has left the room. These are just a few clever ways we can integrate a smartphone into a home. Homify has found 6 amazing ways to integrate your phone into your home.

​Playing Music

Many of us have our favourite music stored onto our electronic devices. This could be our phones, our ipad, iPods or tablets. This provides us with convenient, portable music any time we want to listen. How can we now integrate our music into our homes? There are several ways to integrate our music into our homes; through a wired, or bluetooth speaker or home theatre receivers. As the music is already stored on the phone it is as simple as connecting it to a device that can play that music. To play it on a wired speaker, simply connect it to the earphone socket of your phone. This also applied to home theatre recievers, simply plug the phone into the receivers’ auxiliary input. The most simple option is the Bluetooth option. Bluetooth provides a way that smart phones can connect with devices such as speakers wirelessly. This means you can be cooking a meal in the kitchen and still be able to control the music playing in another room. This sound system was created by Woodsound

​Home Security

One of the main reasons people choose to install smart devices into their homes is for security reasons. Security systems installed in a smart house work much the same way as their older counterparts, although they have one main difference. Instead of having a control panel installed to manage the system, this can all be done using your smart phone. If there has been any activity that has triggered the security system, you will be alerted immediately on your phone. There are several other handy tricks these systems can do. Using smart key technology, you can send time sensitive digital smart keys to your friends, allowing them to access the house, using their smart phone at particular times. This can be of particular importance when you are away and need someone to feed the dog or water the plants.

​Smart Lighting

Lighting within a house can change a living space into a space for living. The right lighting can create a wonderful, warm inviting atmosphere, and bad lighting can create a bright harsh space. Smart lighting provides a wonderful way to have more control of your lighting systems. Smart lighting not only controls the on off mechanism of all the lighting in your house from your phone, it can do more. From your phone you can use a timer to turn the lights on and off at a particular time. This a good way to ensure the house is light and welcoming when you arrive home in the evening. Smart lights also allow you to manage the type of lighting in each room. With special smart lights you can also adjust the colour and brightness of lights. This can be a great way of creating a specific atmosphere in the house, all through your smart phone.

​Smart Heating

Brand Images hive Modern media room

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One of the most expensive parts of a house to run is the heating. Although a smart house can reduce the amount of energy spent on heating dramatically. In a normal house, a single thermostat is located in a central location. This can provide an inaccurate reading for the entire house. Smart heating uses thermostats in every room to give you a better reading of the heating needs of the house. It also allows you to heat only the parts of the house you will be using, rather than the entire house. All of this is accessible from your smart phone. If your smart heating is on a timer, and you decide to go out after work, simply alter the timer, using your smart phone to save energy heating an empty home.

​Smart Pet Feeder

There has been an emergency. You are at the hospital and will probably be here overnight. This is something that cannot be avoided. Although who is going to feed the cat? You have only just moved into your new smart house and have not yet met the neighbours, so you can’t ask them to feed the cat. Who can help at a time like this? With a smart phone and a smart house, the problem is solved. With a smart feeder you can use a timer, or a smart phone to remotely dispense food to your pets. There are a variety of options for these devices on the market. Some of these also come with a camera to provide visual confirmation that your cats are happily consuming their dinner.

​Smart Coffee Machine

Like most of the people, it is lovely to be served a hot coffee in bed on a lazy Saturday morning. But if you have no one to make your coffee for you, it is up to you to get up and make it yourself. Although if you have a smart coffee machine, you no longer need to drag yourself out of bed to make coffee. Simply use your phone to tell the coffee machine what you would like that morning. The coffee machine will get to work to fill your order. Then simply drag yourself up for your ready made coffee. Smart coffee machines can also be set to make your desired coffee at the same time each day. This can make getting out of bed every morning a desirable activity. This coffee machine is designed by Franke.

Technology has certainly come a long way since ‘Back to the Future’. It is possible to control many appliances from your smart phone. You are on your way home from work. From your seat on the train, you can turn on the lights of your house, set the heaters to the perfect temperature, start playing your favourite music and feed the cat, all before even stepping into your house. Smart house technology can be retrofitted to an older house or be installed into a new build. There are even ways to bring smart house technology into your house wirelessly. For more inspiration on smart houses see Hive Technologies.

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