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6 ideas to create a beautiful and welcoming hallway!

Holland Park: Notting Hill Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by Roselind Wilson Design Modern
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Are you struggling to find ideas to decorate your hallway? You need not worry as we bring you this ideabook that will enrich you with unique ideas to make your hallway stand out. The hallway is the most important part of your home because it sets the tone of your house and determines how your guests feel about your home décor and your taste. Although it is not a room but, it serves as a passageway to other rooms in your house. As a first impression is the last impression, it is important to pay equal attention to all the corners while designing a home. Hence, to ensure that your space is warm and welcoming, you should put your best efforts to decorate it. You should avoid using dull walls and wallpapers and instead use functional storage units that are adjustable. Keep your space clutter-free and plan your storage carefully especially, if you have a small space.The hallway is actually the face of your home, and makes a statement about it. With these simple tips and ideas, learn how to make your hallway more welcoming and alluring. 

Suitable flooring

One of the most important considerations while decorating your hallway is selecting the flooring. You must choose durable flooring that must stand up to a vast amount of wear and tear. While light coloured flooring can give an impression of a wider room, you can also use bright colours to give it a more vibrant look. If you want to give it a traditional look, go for wooden flooring that creates a warm ambience. Another option is stone, slate or limestone that provides an elegant appeal. Apart from these, you can also go for mosaic or decorative tiles that add a splash of colour and look cheerful. Whether you choose wood flooring or tiles, you should consult a structural engineer to check the durability of the floor. Choose a floor that is easy to care and maintain because even the tiniest of stains on the floor can make it look dirty. Ideally, opt for some darker tiles that can hide minor spots or dirt.

Door mat / rug

To make your hallway more welcoming, adding a carpet or a rug is a great idea. Dog paws, muddy boots and dirt spots are some of the challenges that your hallway faces every day. As tiles or wood flooring do not provide comfort to your feet, it is best to opt for an attractive hallway carpet or rug. These not only provide comfort to your feet but, also brighten up your space. A rug or a door mat repels moisture, protects your floor from scratches and makes the space feel a lot cosier. While choosing a rug or a door mat you should keep in mind that for a neutral coloured wall, a patterned rug or mat can add some vivid colours to your hallway. Proper measurement of your door’s pathway is necessary before opting for one. As a rule of thumb, a rug or mat should be neither too short, nor too long, but it should fill the central space and create a balance at both ends.

Wall colour

Wall colour is another most important factor to be kept in mind, while decorating your hallway especially if you have a long, narrow or small hallway. It is not always necessary to paint your wall white, if you have a smaller space you can use some other colours as well, such as beige, green, pale blue, gray, etc. Use cold hues in small hallways as they appear wider as compared to bright colours. One of the trends today is, to provide a contrast of light and dark by painting the front door with a bright colour and walls with lighter colours. But, if you have a large hallway you can make a statement with striking bright colours and eye-catching wallpaper with bright patterns. For a large hallway, avoid using light colours as they can make it look dull and plain. Whether you have a narrow or a large hallway, you can add personality to your home by displaying a collection of pictures. A gallery wall is a perfect idea to transform your hallway from a corridor to a room. However, the choice of images, frames and designs are a matter of personal choice. This huge hallway shown in the picture above has been designed by Perfect stays, real estate agents in Cornwall, United Kingdom. 

Console Table

If you have a small and narrow hallway, then a console table is a must have. You can store your keys, pens and notepaper and can also hang a mirror above the table to make the most out of it. A console table offers an option of storage beneath with racks, drawers and shelves. You can also keep simple elements and display a bouquet of flowers to brighten up the space. To keep you hallway organised, a small console in close proximity to your front door is an ideal choice. Make sure that the table has drawers or shelves to conceal the clutter. Console tables can be made from wood, metal or even glass. A wooden console table is the most sought after choice because of its robust and durable nature. While metal console table can create a modern look, a glass console table is perfect for narrow and small space.

Lighting, fixtures and mirrors

To give an inviting feeling to your hallway, lighting fixtures play a vital role. Use every opportunity to let some light in, especially if you have a narrow, long and dark hallway. Use glass panels in your front doors to allow the light to flow freely. To make your hallway more welcoming, brighten up your hallway with sufficient amount of lighting. A chandelier in the centre can make your space eye-catching, especially if you have a wider space. To give an eclectic look to a small hallway, use a classic wrought-iron chandelier and dimmers. Lamps and LED lighting on the floors can also create a warm atmosphere. Spotlights or up lighters along the corridor are perfect for providing a welcoming feeling to your hallway. If you have a small space, you can install a skylight as well. However, a great way to light up your space is by providing mirrors. Mirrors not only provide style but, also allow light that make the space look expansive.

Decorative features

House in Hamble-le-Rice II Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by LA Hally Architect Modern
LA Hally Architect

House in Hamble-le-Rice II

LA Hally Architect

Accessorise your hallway with some decorative features such as flowers, candles, large vases and minimal sculptures. To create a welcoming hallway, add some flowers as well. Hanging photos on the wall can provide a good first impression of your home. However, don’t overload your hallway with too many decorative items. The areas on he side of the stairway can actually become a photo gallery where you can add family photos and your children’s paintings. Even if the space is limited, you can still decorate your hallway by utilising under the stairs space with custom decor. You can also turn old crates into wall-mounted storage boxes to put your day-to-day items such as hats, bags, etc. To provide a welcoming aroma to your guests, you can go for scented candles that not only look elegant but also come in various colours to match your home decor.

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Rugs and carpets do make a huge difference. If you have more ideas to decorate the hallway, do let us know in the comments below.
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