16 fences for gardens that your neighbours will want to copy

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Une Décoration Extérieure et Sécure: Palissade Bois Parana, Deck-linéa Deck-linéa Classic style garden
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Fences are an element that separates a house from the neighbours, but they are also a decorative feature in gardens. On the one hand, they face the street and protect our homes from inquisitive glances of people passing by, while presenting a more balanced and beautiful image of the house. On the other hand, they create a lovely element in the garden by providing a background that emphasizes the greenery. Today, we present 16 garden fencing designs that merge the functions of discretion and aesthetics. Let’s see them right away!

1. Extending the space

For terraces or gardens as small as the one we see here, we should look for fencing that does not occupy too much space, at least not visually. For this, we should choose fences that are more open and in lighter shades.

2. The tropical style

A more exotic version of the wooden fence we saw earlier is this one in a darker tone, which has the strips placed vertically. Here, the purpose of the fence is to maintain harmony with the rest of the oriental garden. It’s a fantastic combination that gives a spectacular result.

3. The power of symmetry

Another element to consider when you want to fence garden spaces is the size and shape of the perimeter that it should cover. In cases, like this image with a rectangular garden of and relatively regular proportions, balance and symmetry are the key, so that neither side is visually imbalanced vis-a-vis the other.

4. Sinuous form

So far, all the designs have been straightforward and linear. With this fence, we break this trend to present a sinuous separation fence neighbours will admire.  It uses regular shapes that are arranged to create a very special design. The top of the fence features a trellis border with a very elegant and cosy touch to match the rest of the garden.

5. At different levels

Another classic design for fences is the one we see in this image. The garden is composed of several levels. The fence has gaps, which gives a lighter feel than being enclosed between walls, so we recommend it for smaller gardens. On the other hand, the fence is at various heights, adding an interesting element.

You can hire an expert to help you design the perfect fence for your garden.

6. A colonial feel

How to separate my terrace from the neighbour? If you are looking for a solution to this, the fence in this image provides it. In this case, the fencing does not lead us to a garden, but to a beautiful terrace. It is a perfect option for hiding your terrace from prying eyes.  The trellis has a colonial feel with a lattice that allows some privacy behind the sheet of greenery trailing on it. The goal is to create a wall with a natural look… very green!

7. Inner separation

This time the garden fencing does not isolate us from the neighbours, but is conceived as a partition within our own garden. Made of bamboo, it blends perfectly with the rattan furniture chosen for this chill-out zone.

8. A fence at a height

In this example, there is a combination of different protective covers. The house is surrounded by a stone wall that is not high enough to protect the privacy of its residents. Hence, a new fence has been added at the top of the wall.

9. Light tone

There are options other than brown and earth tones when it comes to fences for gardens. Here the chosen colour is light cream, which is almost white. It visually brightens the enclosure.

10. Support on the wall

Sometimes, the separations between houses are made with walls. To expand them in a simpler way without having to resort to masonry work, a kind of lattice can be placed on the wall to extend the fencing.

11. Classic wood

Wood is one of the great classics when it comes to fences for gardens. The charm of it lies not only in what we see, but also in what we do not see as the horizontal wooden boards do not disclose anything to the outside, assuring us the maximum privacy from the neighbours.

12. Classic latticework

For garden fencing, classic latticework never goes out of style. It has a romantic feel that gives a special touch to the garden. It is also perfect for trailing vines or climbing rose bushes on the wall.

13. A green wall

If our garden or terrace has very high walls, we may feel enclosed. The solution is to cover the wall with hedges or vines that will greatly improve the terrace visually. To enhance its beauty, you can add natural cane at the top, like in this image.

14. A little creativity

三本松でONな庭, domus domus Eclectic style garden Fencing & walls

For a more creative solution, for those who like to be original and have a unique fence, we present this one, which stands out with its irregular design. It has small holes or gaps between the wooden planks – a very special design that won’t go unnoticed.

15. Seamless

And, from an original design, we move to a classic. Varnished wood in dark tones creates a seamless lattice in this fence. Notice how each board is of a different size? To complete the look, a row of green hedges has been added at the bottom to mark the path.

16. Simple curves

Adapting to the plants and the rounded shape of the hedges, this last fence is compact but carries through the same shape as the other elements.

Browse through more fence and boundary wall designs in this ideabook.

Which of these designs will you choose for your house? Answer in the comments.

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