7 trendy accessories for the bedroom

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The bedroom is the most sacred space in your home. It serves as a place for relaxation, a place to ideate, and a place to express your personality. A blank space, the bedroom gives you an opportunity to transform the area into your personal haven. Add quirky decor accessories, a plush rug, or an Ikea inspired storage table to give your bedroom the pick-me-up it needs. 

Your bedroom can be shaped to suit your tastes and needs. A splash of colour here and a hint of art there, these accessory ideas will give you the inspiration you need.

Minimal yet intricate, the wall art shines in the room with its exclusivity. Each individual has their own personal style and art pieces help you showcase your personality. Subtle wall art blends beautifully with contemporary, Scandinavian, and modern decors. Bright and glitzy art merges excellently with eclectic and country decors. Choose a wall art piece with the right shades to complement your furniture and your bedroom interiors.

Pillow galore

Off late, pillows are experiencing a transformation with a plethora of makeovers. Graphic printed, abstract, quirky, animal-themed, and personalized are the few designs that come to mind. Pillows used to be a cushioned base to rest your head on but recently they have bridged to the decorative plane. The pillows are now shaded, embossed, and printed to suit your style and the needs of your bedroom. From 2 to 10 pillows, the bed is now a canvas for pillow art. 

Storage wars

When one thinks of storage, a drab box comes to mind. Now you can up the ante with fashionable storage boxes and organize your essentials in style. A simple necessity, the storage box serves the duty of arranging your knick-knacks easily. With the inflow of current design trends, the storage box is now functional and decorative. This box can be placed at the foot of your bed or in your closet. 

Scented goodness

The thought of scented candles redirects the mind to a bubbly bath and a good book with the sweet fragrance of the candles. Moulded in exquisite jars, these scented candles not only aromatically enhance your room but also visually enhance it. Gold dipped tips and regal graphic prints give these scented candle jars a unique touch. They can be displayed as decorative pieces or used to amplify the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. 

Sleek storage

A multifaceted design, the storage table provides ample space to organize your necessities. The contemporary themed table with its streamlined and three legged structure is perfect for your books, stationery, and knick-knacks. It also offers space to display your vase and ornaments. The side storage table helps declutter the bedroom and offer more room space for other activities. 

Have a look at the bedside table idea book for stylish storage options.

The love of art

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Tapestries Art Protis

Svetlana Kuliskova

Every room needs a 'wow' factor and installing an art piece above the headboard is the way to go. A bold statement, the wall art catches attention and lends a room a glamorous appeal. It adds a splash of colour to the room and intensifies the panache. The wall art can be subtle or adventurous, depending on the decor of the bedroom.

Visit Art De Pondicherry for more wall art ideas and inspiration. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Every morning the mirror helps us get ready for our work, errands, and other activities. A mirror is a simple accessory but with the right design, it can change the dynamics of the bedroom. Mirrors come in varying sizes, styles, and designs. A wall mounted mirror offers less coverage whereas a floor length mirror covers you from head to toe. Based on your needs and personality, you can choose your own 'mirror mirror on the wall'. 

Stylish management

If you're a bibliophile with books strewn across your floor, this quirky bookshelf is a great addition to your bedroom. A sheep-shaped shelf, it provides organized space to arrange your books neatly. A book shelf also varies in design, style, and size. You can choose one to suit your needs and to complement the interiors of your bedroom. 

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