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8 Classic Decor Ideas for your Home

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Polystone Lord Buddha Lotus Sculpture Holding Silver Alms Bowl: classic  by M4design,Classic
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One of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal captures Indian heritage and culture. The luxurious architecture, the ornate carvings across the landscape, and the rich colours inspired the classic royal decor. Bold arches, intricately designed lampshades, motif wallpaper, and vibrant art give any home a palatial feel.

Indian-inspired decor pieces are designed to exude an extravagant atmosphere. With shades of gold, pink, and purple dominating the decor, this classic style is sure to grab your guests attention. Let's browse through these decor ideas to transform your home into a royal palace.

The tale of lights

Natural Elements Eclectic style dining room by The Orange Lane Eclectic
The Orange Lane

Natural Elements

The Orange Lane

The Royal palaces utilized candelabras to illuminate the rooms.A crucial part of your home decor, lighting accessories give your home a luminous glow. Embellish your rooms with intricately carved metal lamp shades, wall sconces, and pendant lights. The lighting irradiates your home and amplifies the decor. Design your home with multiple lighting options for a deluxe feel. 

Hues of grandeur

Vibrant colours and shades play an important role when you design your home. A royal-inspired decor is a gorgeous combination of pink, gold, beige, and purple hues. A vividly coloured wall or multiple printed throw pillows add drama to the room. The Royals flaunted an array of cushions on their diwans for comfort and style. Add cushions and throw pillows on your sofa sets or diwans for an exquisite look. You can adorn the windows with rich curtains in neutral shades to complement the decor of your home. 

Magnificent arches and chandeliers

Royal palaces are famous for their grand arches and niches. Some arches have works of art gracing their exterior for a distinctive style. The doorway, the entryway, or the puja room can feature minimal arches for an elegant look. The curvature of the arches give your home a regal style and enhance the decor of any room. 

Chandeliers were designed to illuminate and complement the room with grandeur. A magnificent or a modest chandelier, it will highlight your room with opulence. Get inspired with this idea book on different types of chandeliers.

Exquisite upholstery

Pandhi's Residence: classic  by Hands On Design,Classic
Hands On Design

Pandhi's Residence

Hands On Design

The artistry of royal-inspired decor lies in the furniture places in your home. Everything about this decor style is stately and a well-defined piece of furniture gives your home splendor. There is an assortment of sofa sets or diwans in varying styles to complement a royal-inspired home decor.You can add a sofa set or diwan with intricate motif upholstery and studded accents. A minimal sofa set or diwan in solid colours also stand out and amplify the interiors of your home.

Browse Design Kkarma for stunning home decor and furniture ideas. 

The artsy vibe

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals : country  by SHEEVIA  INTERIOR CONCEPTS,Country

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals


The Royals decorated their palaces with works of art and paintings. Give your home a palatial feel with a stunning art piece or an Indian-inspired painting. The vibrancy of the painting adds colour and style to your home. Gems, gold accents, and a plethora of colours are perfect to enhance the decor of your home. A tapestry also adorns the home with a regal touch and gives a unique style. 

Motifs and designs




A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. The key to maintaining the symmetry of the bathroom is minimal accessories and abundance of light. Decorate a single wall or the storage cupboards with Indian-inspired motifs for an exclusive style.

Privacy in style

The Royal palaces had room dividers in every bedroom for functional and decorative purposes. Give yourself privacy with a beautiful embellished screen or room divider. A simple accessory, the room divider allows light through while providing privacy. This gorgeous ornamented room divider shines with richness and gives the room added style. You can also decorate the room with a translucent room divider, beaded room divider, or a carved metal room divider. 

An array of accessories

Polystone Lord Buddha Lotus Sculpture Holding Silver Alms Bowl: classic  by M4design,Classic

Polystone Lord Buddha Lotus Sculpture Holding Silver Alms Bowl


Accessorize the room and express your personality with royal-inspired decor pieces. A white, rhinestone studded buddha, a plush rug, tall vases, wall art and picture frames are great additions to your home. You can add a personal touch to your home with personalized art. An assortment of fresh flowers gives your home a pop of colour and a wonderful fragrance. These accessories provide an extraordinary feel to your home.

Get inspired with classic decor to give your home an elegant and luxurious style.

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