4 solutions to door problems

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Doors are an integral part of any house, whether they are internal doors or external ones. Like all other things, even doors need to be maintained and taken care off. When neglected, you will have to deal with squeaky doors or jammed doors that can be quite a bother. However, when you do face trouble with a door, do not jump and call in a pro. You will be surprised to know that most door problems can be easily solved at home with the help of simple guidelines. However, if the door problem is complex, you may need professional help.

Mentioned below you can find some ideas of repairing jammed doors, squeaking doors, doors that do not close and dragging doors:

• Jammed doors

Jammed doors can be a true nightmare and need to be repaired at the earliest, especially if you have young kids and pets at home. In case of a jammed door, the first thing that needs checking is whether the door lock is working properly on both sides of the door. In case the lock is working fine, check the door for deposits of dirt and grime. Use mild soap and water to get rid of the dirt and grime. Also, inspect for jammed hinges on your doors. Without lubrication, the hinges can get jammed with time. Take some oil and use a dropper for applying the oil on the hinges. The hinges become easy to use on oiling. The hinges might need some tightening as well. Moisture is a great villain for doors. This component can lead to swelling, bending and shrinking of doors. There are times when the movement of the door is hampered along the length of the door. Identify the height at which this happens and then remove the door and flatten the same to a few millimeters. These tips should rectify a hammed door. If not, then seek for professional assistance.

• Doors which do not close

Sometimes doors simply refuse to close. What do you do then? First and foremost, check to ensure that the lock is functional on both sides of the door. The tongue of the lock should fit into its socket properly. If this does not happen, you can be sure that the door is either bent or jammed and needs attention. There are chances that the lock in the door is loose and hence the door opens easily and does not close. You may need to call in a professional to troubleshoot and fix the door if it has a problem with the lock, unless of course you know how locks work and can do it yourself.

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• Gnawing ports

Dried, rusty and dirty hinges, lead to squeaking and creaking doors. To fix this issue, the first thing you must do is to locate the place from where the sound is emanating. Open and close the door it, several times to locate the spot from where the squeaking sound is coming. Use lubricating oil in the hinges to make them smooth. While lubricating the hinges with oil, be sure not to let it spill all over the wooden surface. Sometimes just replacing the key lock pin will fix the issue. Excess paint and dirt can also cause the horrible creaking and squeaking sound in the doors. Hinges prey might also be the reason behind your doors making noise. Adding a piece of cardboard and screwing back the hinges will solve the problem. Check the bolts too. If they are loose and coming out of the hinges, fasten them using a spanner. Use larger bolts if the smaller ones don’t fit well.

• Dragging ports

Doors that are crawling, often disturb the flooring and begin to show other signs of damage. If you notice that your door is dragging when you open and close it, first check the screws which connect the locks and stops to the door. Make sure that you check the length of the fittings and the screws on the wood. If they are short, replace them immediately. But if there is abundant space available, put a mesh for fixing the screws on the shaft. If the problem of dragging persists, a professional should be contacted for further help and assistance.

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Armed with these simple tips to fix a door, now you are a door pro too!

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