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22 kitchen styles—stylish, decorative and functional – all at once

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Lots of experimentation is going on globally on kitchen designs and styles. Modular kitchens are common in most modern homes. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, the L-shaped kitchen is just perfect for you. The reason that this format is such a favorite is because it syncs well with any kind of kitchen layout. However, you have to plan which side of the kitchen will have the longer arm for the ‘L’ design. The two long extensions will incorporate the work area, the sink, the stove. Apart from these, there are drawers, cabinets and other equipment like gas tops or ovens that can be arranged in the kitchen. There are utensils and other supplies which are also stored in the kitchen and with the L-shaped kitchen, there is abundant storage space offered.

Along with functionality, the L-shaped kitchen looks elegant and sophisticated. With the use of different colours and styles in the kitchen, unique environments can be created to ooze personality and sophistication. Mentioned below are 22 L-shaped kitchen designs and décor, which you can try while upgrading or renovating your kitchen:

1. Wooden cabinets and black countertops add a sense of elegance and sophistication to this large sized kitchen.

2. The central island with neutral shades imparts a modern tone to this modern L-shaped kitchen

3. Black L-shaped kitchen with light wood and metal details.

4. For small kitchens, white base with yellow details work just perfect.

5. The white kitchen in L-shape is enhanced with green plants strategically placed and with wooden bench bringing in some rustic and country air in the place

6. Extremely small L-shaped kitchen gets a new personality with geometric designs and vivid color patterns.

7. Large L-shaped benches in this kitchen style allow ease of movement in the space and have a practical approach.

8. L-benches for using as a partition or separation in open kitchens.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

9. You can never go wrong with the combination of black tops and cabinets in neutral tones. This brings sophistication at its best.

10. Add bright colours to the tops and see the drastic change that comes to the appearance of the kitchen at once.

11. This L-shaped kitchen opens to the outer side, towards the environment. Special mention needs to be made of the yellow countertop, which kind of illuminates and warms up the place.

12. For small L-shaped kitchens, there is no better option than using white surfaces.

13. With bright cabinets, this L-shaped kitchen provides better organization of the workspace

14. This style of L-shaped kitchen is just perfect for both small and large sized kitchens

15. This L-shaped kitchen provides abundant room for drawers, cabinets and built-in appliances

16. Want a small, cozy, comfortable kitchen? Try wood, pastilles and white shades in the right places.

17. In this L-shaped kitchen, the sides can be adjusted – they can either be long or short as per convenience of the customer and shape of the space.

18. The L-shape of the kitchen is in white and it syncs really well with the colorful tiles

19. Black cabinets with light wood counters – the combination is stylish, contemporary as well as elegant and sophisticated.

20. The L in the kitchen comprises the workbench, cook top and the sink.

21. Embedding ovens and other appliances and equipment on the L-shaped kitchen countertops

22. For efficient space organisation, look for this styled L shaped kitchen

Checkout 12 pictures of L-shaped kitchens to inspire you here.

Now, those were not 1 not 2, but 22 L-shaped designs that you can pick from. Which is your favourite?

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