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A beautifully renovated small house for newly married couple

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It is a dream for every newly married couple to begin their new journey in their own home. But buying a new house is an expensive affair. However, it is a good idea to buy an old house that will come cheaper and then renovate it for the new beginning. It will be an amazing experience to design your home with your spouse compatible to each other’s choices and which matches your personalities too. Refurbish and make your home modern, comfortable and contemporary, all within a budget.

Take a virtual trip with us of this small house that has been renovated by the professionals of Common Ground. You will be amazed to see that how a small house has been completely transformed into a beautiful home for lovely couple. Have a look!

​The journey begins

The kitchen of the old house is unimpressive and dilapidated. The cabinets are old and wore out and it needs immediate intervention. The purple mosaic tiles against the predominating white kitchen is quite unattractive and completely out of sync. The single white light from above is further making it dull. The floor however is good and it just needs a good polishing and wash.

Beautiful way to live

The professionals played well with the space and integrated the segregated space into a large social area. What was earlier a crammed kitchen, the dining space and the living room now became a spacious common space having all three spaces merged in one room. The kitchen counter is in U-shape, the shape that makes the small kitchen look spacious. Two comfortable chairs convert the counter into a cozy dining table for the couple. The subway tiles have been used all over the social area to give it uniformity. It makes the room look larger.  Blue-grey cabinets look modern and fashionable. One cannot miss the ceiling lamps that have added a little bit of theater to the space. Now compare it with the old kitchen; what do you say?

​Openness of the spacious kitchen

With the house becoming small, the space has become open. People now prefer open kitchen. It helps them to stay connected with the rest of the home. Here the open U-shaped kitchen looks spacious and comfortable. The white counter is complementing the blue-grey cabinets. The best thing about this kitchen is that the couple will be able to interact and entertain the guests even while cooking together.

​Smart way to blend the space

The interior designers have done an amazing job in blending the space together. They have created kitchen, dining space, living area and even work space for the couple that too just in a single room. Every area is well defined and doesn’t encroach into one another territory. Every space is for different purpose, yet they are all bounded together in perfect harmony. The suspended lamps along with the embedded lightings look modern and mystic. The furniture and décor has been kept minimalist. There is beauty in simplicity, you can feel it here.

​Best out of waste

The work station for the couple was made by chucking off the balcony that was just wastage of valuable space. Every inch of space matters in a home, and if it is a small home, the inch becomes precious. The small balcony was of no use. So the designers merged it with the rest of the room to give it some extra depth and crafted a beautiful work space for the newly wedded couple to work together.

​What a transformation!

So here is the final refurbished office space for the couple. It is amazing! There is no door in the office. This beautiful office is a part of the social area. The huge window fills the room with fresh air and ample sunlight during the day. When evening comes the beautiful Edison lamps shines above the table. The table has been designed with sufficient storage space below to keep it clean and organized.

​Refreshing bedroom

The neutral tone of the bedroom is refreshing and rejuvenating. The bed is simple with simple headboard. The open brick wall behind the headboard is painted white which is giving the room a modern look and is elevating the elegance of the room. The blinds on the window are perfect for some privacy. The diffused lighting from the hidden lights will make the evening quite romantic.

​The designer bathroom

White and wood, it is an intelligent way to renovate the bathroom. The white subway tiles were used to cover the walls and make it shine. The mirror on the bathroom cabinet solves the dual purpose; it is a mirror that also creates an illusion to make the bathroom look big. The wall to wall long glass shelf can hold all the toiletries for the couple. The wooden ceiling and the round lamp looks modern and chic. What else to say, it is mesmerizing!

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