15 small patios with a lot of ideas to copy

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If your home has a small patio, and you think you do not have enough space to take advantage of it, today we will show you that you couldn’t be more wrong. Small patios, however small, can be a perfect place for inviting fresh air into your home to refresh the interiors and to share with family and friends while enjoying a sunny day. 

Making the most of this space will depend on your ability to find ideas for decorating very small patios and implement it. Of course, there’s nothing better to help in this task than to copy the best small yard ideas, and therefore, we have selected some attractive examples of small patios to inspire you. Let's start the tour!

1. Enjoy nature’s beauty by making plants the protagonists in your small patio

There are many ways to use flowers and plants to decorate small patios. These elements can be key and serve as a guiding principle in the design proposal. You can hang colourful pots on the walls of the patio and grow plants in them to cover the surfaces in the area. We recommend that you choose plant species that are easy to maintain and suitable to the type of climatic conditions in the region.

2. Comfortable seating will add value to the small yard decoration as will playing with shapes and accessories to make it a special and charming place

The patio in your house may be small, but it should always be private. The best way to give the patio personality and style is to choose the pieces in it carefully, both furniture and decorative accessories, keeping in mind the effect on the overall composition of the space.

3. Take advantage of every inch of the patio by distributing the appropriate number of chairs and tables as well as natural elements

Small yards should be measured to make the most of the space, that is, we cannot risk over-decorating or missing anything. When decorating small patios, distribute the furniture well and complement it with other elements, playing with perspective and the combination of materials. In the image, we see how the wooden chairs combine perfectly with the chosen vegetation.

4. Create a special relaxation corner in your small patio with sand, stones and plants to make a real Zen garden

Zen gardens, which are typical of the oriental culture, play with simple compositions that are full of style. The elements in these gardens will allow you to give life to small patios without overloading them. Do not forget to install lights to take advantage of the space and to relax and enjoy the cool summer nights.

5. If your yard is small, remember that less is more and create a tiny minimalist garden

When spaces are small, you need to choose the elements in them well to achieve a balanced environment. In most cases, minimalist decoration is perfect. Designing small patios in the minimalist style requires very few elements that are chosen for design and aesthetics, so that they become focal points and balance the composition.

6. If you have an elongated hallway, give it life by placing colourful flowers

Flowers, as we said earlier, have enormous potential for decorating any space as they allow you to play with shapes, volumes and colours. Therefore, you can design your patio incorporating floral elements to contribute to the sensory experience you have in it. In this courtyard, for example, the colourful flowers guide the way to the end of the house, bringing freshness and dynamism.

7. Give your patio a cosy, distinctive touch by hanging a hammock

Having open space outdoors, even a small one, will always provide an area of relaxation and a place to escape from the routine. Simply placing a hammock will create an ideal area for relaxation. If you also incorporate plants, you will bring greater beauty and charm to the place.

8. Turn a nondescript patio into a special place by installing a vertical garden – perfect for growing your favourite plants

Vertical gardens are here to stay because they are a wonderful option to include in a garden in urban environments or in small patios and yards with little surface. If you have enough space to incorporate a sitting area next to it, you would have managed to create a real garden where it seemed impossible.

9. Play with the patio floor and remember that wooden elements always work

Attention to detail is essential in any design proposal but even more so when decorating small patios. In such spaces, we recommend that you play subtly with materials and textures. The combination of stones, wooden paving and vegetables always helps us to break the monotony and add character to the area.

10. Learn to create a composition with plants by arranging them according to size and species

Choosing plants to decorate a house is, of course, a matter of personal taste (although other factors do intervene, since we are talking about living things). Playing with several species in the patio will allow us to create interesting compositions and bring dynamism to the space.

11. If the yard is small, look for combinations that enhance the sense of space

The combination of colours is one of the elements most used by interior designers and  landscapers to create optical illusions that change the perception of spaces. Therefore, we must not resist using this resource for small yard decoration. 

You can choose neutral colours for the floor, for example, so that it stands out with the colour of the walls, as in the patio in this image.

12. Play with the prospect of using plants of different sizes in the garden

To make the most of what you have, decorate your little patio in an intelligent way to achieve a perfect look and to get a beautiful place. A good trick is to use trees that provide height or to cover the walls with vines to extend the yard visually.

13. Placing a piece of furniture in the yard will help you to take advantage of this part of the house

It is always convenient to reserve a space in the patio where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors. Combine it with plants and trees that not only bring beauty and harmony, but also serve to provide shade to the area.

14. Details make the difference – place elements that are both functional and beautiful

This example shows how with just a few elements it is possible to create a pleasant and functional patio. Isn’t it ideal for sharing with friends or family? The arrangement of several light chairs invites us to rest and enjoy the sun. The beautiful plants bring personality and freshness, making this small space unique.

15. A personal composition with decorative planters

Creativity is the key element to give life to small patios. All it takes is the desire to decorate this valuable space of your house. You don’t need to make a great investment. What's more, you can use old furniture to grow plants in it, achieving an original and eco-friendly patio.

For some ideas on decorating your patio on a small budget, see 15 great ideas to renovate your patio at a minimal cost.

Which of these ideas will you copy? Let us know in the comments.

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