18 ways to decorate a small home spectacularly

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A small home doesn't need to be a stumbling block to gorgeous style, in fact, it can be a great motivator! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that the secret to small home decorating success is ingenuity and not simply plumping for solutions that you think are the only way to go! We've found a host of brilliant tips for you today and they'll apply to every room in your small home, from bedrooms through to bathrooms, so come and see how you can inject BIG style into a bijou property!

1. Create a striking focal point.

This can be as simple as choosing a really dramatic light fixture or one piece of furniture that is impossible to ignore, but all eyes will be on it, not small room proportions!

2. Choose light colours.

Dark wall colours will simply shrink already small spaces and make them feel claustrophobic, so reach for the paler hues!

3. Combine different functions!

By having an open living and dining room, the overall space will feel so much bigger and more sociable as well. That's what everybody wants!

4. Put glass to good use.

It keeps the light flowing, looks contemporary and expensive and helps to divide your rooms without any solid barriers, so glass should really be your new best friend, in terms of small home design!

5. Divide and conquer!

If you want to split up your home into usable spaces, but solid walls are simply too heavy going, how about employing gorgeous curtains? Sumptuous fabrics will only ever look stunning and will give you easy to tailor divides as well!

6. Screens are a great idea.

Non-solid screens look incredible, especially in small homes where natural light flow is critical! They just add such a wealth of design elegance, while also serving a function. 

7. Invest in wall shelves.

In a small home, every bit of space comes at a premium, so look to your walls! Simple floating shelves will not only look great, they will also give you instant access to handy display potential as well, without shrinking the floor space.

Let's not overlook the fact that there are so many styles of wall shelves to choose from either! Look at these wraparound ones! WOW!

8. Add dynamic design to dead spaces.

The space under your stairs is ripe for transformation and we can't think of anything nicer than an indoor garden display! Who would expect that?

9. Choose furniture that is both functional AND pretty.

You know you can kill two birds with one stone, right? Well, you don't ned to sacrifice good style for usability, so look for striking pieces that give you the best of both worlds.

Just look at this bookcase, as a prime example of what we mean, with a hidden TV store! Now that's clever.

10. Don't overlook the kitchen.

A lot of people can forget to give a small kitchen a hearty dose of gorgeousness, but we implore you not to fall into that trap! With some dazzling light and clever cabinets, you'll have storage and style.

11. Use wood to it's fullest!

Have you ever noticed how magical wood is, in terms of adding gorgeous warmth and timeless appeal to a small home? Use it for kitchen cabinet doors, bookcases or even in small doses, as furniture legs and you'll love the effect.

12. Add some earth tones.

We know you might be tempted to keep a small bathroom all white, but can we persuade you to consider some richer tones? Instead of trying to hide small proportions, work with them, to create a cosy feel, with earth toned tiles.

13. Get creative.

Just look at the awkward shape of this room and then, appreciate the ingenious shelving! There is no loss of storage here, despite hard to navigate dimensions and those above-cistern shelves are inspired. What a way to use overlooked space!

14. Don't get in a lather.

We know that not everyone will have the room for a dedicated laundry zone, but if you do, don't forget to add some home comforts in there as well! Leaving a functional area as purely useful will always make it feel less cohesive and inviting, so a lick of paint or some pretty hooks really won't go amiss.

15. Use your home's height!

Now this is a fantastic idea for seriously small homes! Instead of trying to find enough room for a washer and dryer to sit side by side, why not stack them on top of each other, tuck them into a corner and hide them altogether? Perfection!

16. Put the bed to good use.

Do you remember the days when your mother would tell you not to throw things under your bed? Well, those days are gone! In a small home, raising the bed and sliding storage boxes underneath is a terrific idea, as long as you label them, properly.

17. Reflect all the positive space.

We think you probably already know that mirrors are a great weapon in the fight against small proportions, but don't be afraid to go really big! A whole feature wall, as seen here, would almost double a room's perceived area.

18. Emphasise the cosy proportions.

Finally, instead of trying to make small rooms look and feel bigger, how about using smaller dimensions to your advantage? Create cosy, sociable rooms with sumptuous sofas and chairs and don't skimp on the fluffy textiles either!

For more small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 small home storage solutions.

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