10 great combinations of bathroom tiles

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Choosing the type of lining for walls and/or floors becomes a crucial decision when it comes to the bathroom. We speak usually of the smallest room in the house, so that any fault in its decoration is perceived multiplied by ten. The current design of bathrooms is hopeful, they have gone from being the great forgotten decoration to becoming a world full of possibilities. 

If you are thinking of giving a new air to your bathroom, or you are simply in the process of furnishing and decorating it, we at homify propose to bet on tiling, a type of classic coating, which is well worth applying. Although new materials and styles have been incorporated into the design of bathrooms, there's nothing like some good tiles to give character to the space. 

Long live the gresite!

Surely you have wondered where you have seen this kind of tiles before.The gresite is not unknown, and in fact is present in our lives more than we think, since the 60's more or less! Although it has been during the last decade when we have seen it more frequently in bathrooms and kitchens than in pools. In the design in the image, a mural based on gresite has been drawn as a way to break away with the uniformity of the classic tile design. What is clear is that decorating with this type of mosaic is always synonymous with personality and design.

Mosaics on floors and walls

The aesthetics of patchwork is on the rise within interior design. Including it in large doses within a single space may seem like an insane idea, however we should not rule it out altogether. The key is to reduce its effect by combining it with other smooth prints and knowing how to choose the pattern of the tile itself, those in the image, for example, provide a fresh and natural aesthetic to the bathroom.

The tile combines with everything

It is inside specially small bathrooms, where everything is possible, if we talk about decoration. That's because it's the best opportunity to sharpen our ingenuity and to obtain spaces as magnificent as the one in the image. The white tiles that cover the wall from half to down have been combined with a wallpaper in celestial tones, which achieves an excellent contrast without having to cause a visual load. Here, the protagonism is divided equally.

Uniformity in tones

The search for contrasts between tiles does not have to become our main objective. Sometimes coloring our baths with a single tonality causes results as attractive as the image. On this occasion, small tiles in the form of squares, known as gresite, have been used in colors within the scale of browns and orange, to cover an entire wall. 

Square washbasins

One of the great advantages of tiles is that they can be combined in one and a thousand different ways. The limits mark your personal taste and the character you want to give your bathroom. What do you prefer to emphasize the classic tiles rather than those of mosaic design in gresite? Perfect! Try to cover the floors with the first and one of the walls with the second. Here colors play a key role, as they distribute attention between them.

A flower garden on the wall

The mosaics of the gresite are fine, but much better when we bet by a combination between uniform tiles and others that  resemble a contemporary acrylic painting. Because that is the intention, to turn our bathroom into a luxury room, made almost for the fleeting delight of our senses. With the same charm as the traditional tiles, new trends in ceramics and porcelain still retain that bright texture that brings light to our bathrooms.

Cake decoration

Did you know that tiles are the ideal coating for bathrooms and showers? Pictured here is a type of waterproof tile that tolerates moisture quite well, a quality that is appreciated enough inside any bathroom. In addition, this same condition makes them immune to any stain that the shower vapor can cause. For classic tiles in the sink it is advisable to opt for pastel tones and tiles in mosaic, especially inside small bathrooms. By not exagerrating the decor, it gives the feeling of being in a larger space.

Marking territory

An intelligent way to distribute the tiles inside the bathroom is to do it by zones, in such a way that spaces are limited. For example, for the shower, mosaic tiles and vivid colors, for floors, large and uniform tiles, and for the area of the sink tiles in the classic tribal print that has not gone out of style since bursting into the world of the walkways back in the 70's. The incongruity of the lines provoke a visual effect of being in a continuous movement. Who does not risk does not win, right?

In the children's bathroom

The tiles that have been chosen for this bathroom remind us of the ceramic mosaic that is obtained with the gresite, except that in this occasion, the glass pieces have been replaced by ceramic, much cheaper than the first. The partitions and the wall of the background are the protagonists of the space thanks to the rainbow colors that the tiles have drawn on them and also serve to delimit the different areas within it. 

The elegant combination

With the advent of granite, it seemed that the large tiled walls had their days numbered. But far from dying out, what was done was to exploit one of the most elegant colors in the world of interior design: black, and carrying simplicity as a flag, large tiles defended that important gap that had been won by heart in the decoration of bathrooms. In the picture, a good example of what we just said.

We hope you've been inspired. For more related ideas, have a look at how to choose tiles for the bathroom.

Which combination of bathroom tiles do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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