How to decorate rooms without windows?—6 brilliant ideas!

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As true as it is that all human beings need a great amount of sunlight, whether consciously or organically, it's also true that circumstances are not always according to what we expected in our life. It could be a lack of budget or, simply, the design of your home, sometimes we have to face rooms without windows. In some Indian cities, for example, there are a multitude of houses that have no windows due to both the high density of buildings in a small area and the climatic conditions (especially in the colder areas), since the absence of these elements can help to maintain the optimal climate of the house or, simply, not to break the standard building design. 

However, the absence of windows, modifies in part the characteristics of a room. The most obvious is the lighting, without a source of natural light, artificial light sources play a determining role. The lighting has to be distributed in an appropriate way for greater comfort and coexistence. And in a room that does not have windows, the care must be even greater. In these cases, it is best to use light colors and live generously. Walls, for example, should be painted white or in warm colors such as yellow, light red and orange. In addition it is advisable that you choose bright carpets or bright colors in the floors; some dark furniture (bedside tables, for example) or wall shelves, to contrast with light surfaces; as well as dark frames for walls and ceilings. These small gestures will allow you to highlight the light and bright colors while giving a more natural feeling. Another feature that also changes in rooms that do not have windows is the ability of the room in question to move you to another universe, and is that, often, just to look out the window to see how big the world is and all the life that exists beyond our walls. Who has not spent long moments looking lost in the street, watching people, the movements through a window?  Lack of ventilation is also another important factor. In a room without windows the air is left without circulation and in hot climates, it can be harmful as well as unhealthy. in this book of ideas we have prepared some tips to help you modify a room without windows. Take note!

1. The lighting

The main consequence of the absence of a window is the lack of natural light. So much so that it is especially important to devote time and attention to lighting design. In this sense we can say that there are two options. On the one hand we can create a warm and intimate atmosphere, although it does not necessarily give the feeling of natural light. In this case yellow incandescent lights have been used, which can be distributed in specific points, as you can see in this design by Lucia Navajas. Also the use of lamps and candlesticks as well as candles and incense can also help provide the environment with the necessary feeling of warmth. 

The second option is to opt for a lighting that resembles or can imitate natural light. White incandescent bulbs are a good idea, full-spectrum light bulbs are the best alternative and although they cost a little more than normal incandescents, they mimic the natural light of the sun. Another trick that will suit you well if your room does not have windows is the use of curtains instead of doors to create a window effect when the room is closed, while also facilitating the illumination of the environment.

2. Ventilation

Another key aspect to note in rooms without windows is ventilation. The simple gesture of letting in the morning breeze is of vital importance for both health and hygiene of the place since, if not done properly, can lead to the accumulation of dust and odors. Here are some tips and home solutions for you to solve the situation if your room does not have windows:

The first of our proposals is that you place a fan in the ceiling or the bottom of the room to generate air like in this space of Casa Bruno American Home Decoration. Turn it on at least twice for at least half an hour each day. Try to avoid objects that can cause moisture, such as wood, paper and leather, because depending on the temperature, it is possible to create spaces in which mold develops. One of the best ways to ventilate any room without windows is to undergo a small overhaul and place an air extractor. The installation can be done wherever there is an adjacent room although the work requires certain skills, so we recommend you put yourself in the hands of professionals. If your use is not strictly necessary, relegate this room to sporadic activities such as the iron or a pantry, a practical solution that will allow you not to pay so much attention to ventilation. As the saying goes: everything that glitters is not gold. So do not feel bad if your room does not have windows because, having it, does not guarantee a more pleasant environment. In fact, one of the big problems of rooms with windows has to do with the entrance of the sun, mainly in the afternoon, since its incidence on the walls can warm the house too much. 

3. The pictures

What is a window but an opening to the outside, to other environments? When we do not have one of these systems, the window can become a painting, another element in which through color or movement we can observe the becoming of life. When we do not have a window or it is too small, placing one or several frames will allow you to generate different environments. However, if the room in question does not have many meters, be careful not to saturate it and make it look even smaller. But if the size is reasonable, do not hesitate, the pictures can be a great help.

4. Plants for a living wall

Plants are always a good way to balance the energies of a room. Depending on the type of vegetation we can also talk about the purification and cleaning of the air, a point that can be key in rooms without windows. The green walls or vertical gardens are great, and so are the great amount of positive qualities that plants have in themselves, they become authentic decorative objects. However, we must not forget the needs of the plant in question as there are certain species that will not survive without sunlight and others that emit too much carbon dioxide at night. 

Before introducing one of these vertical gardens in your room without windows, investigate in depth the characteristics and requirements of each plant to find the most appropriate one for you. 

5. DIY

Original and fun creations can brighten a room without windows. The famous DIY or 'do it yourself' section will help you create colorful and creative objects, which in addition to offering practical and functional solutions such as these shelves, will allow you to give a captivating look to your home as in this design from Natural Urban.

6. Candles

Candles are one of those elements that always contribute to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. In a room without windows, and consequently, without natural light, candles become the perfect ally. At present there are many types of candles on the market, such as Bougies la Française. 

We hope you've been inspired. For more related ideas, have a look at 7 tips on how to make a dark room bright.

Do you have any other ideas for rooms without windows? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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