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11 pictures of ideas walls at the entrance of your home

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The entrance of a home speaks volumes of the home in itself. When posed with an opportunity to impress passer's by, we say seize the opportunity like none other! This post puts entrances in the limelight, in particular the walls that lead up to the entrance. A multitude of ideas are in the offing, so be sure to pick one that suits you best. 

1. Vinyl pieces that line the wall

A curved wall is beauty in itself, with vinyl handpicked pieces, you are in the presence of a welcoming wonder! The style as well as the texture that is in the offing is simply something that you do not want to miss out on. 

2. Stone walled

Bricked walls are a great way to make an entry wouldn't you say? While you can go for any combination of colors, ensure that you stick to ones that bring in a certain rustic feel to the entrance. Team up this brick wall with some wooden extravaganza to welcome guests in your home. 

3. Marble marvel

Marble at the entrance creates a classic and refined dynamic to your home. While the choice of marble is entirely up to you, cream or white shades of marble could create the right atmosphere as do black and gray shades as well. Light up the entrance with lamps or simply a show piece such as this.

4. The tiled entry

Tiled walls are very practical especially if they are close to the entrance. Not only are they simple to clean and maintain, but also they add to the aesthetics quite a bit. You could line the foot of the tiled wall with pebbles or even potted plants depending on your liking. 

5. Another brick in the wall

For those of you looking to create a little bit of your entrance fence, right at the entrance itself, this idea is great for you. Thin rectangular brick tiles when lined together in a manner similar to this fashion creates a unique dimension to the entrance. You could also opt for shelves to store artifacts. 

6. Say it with a sculpture

A wall that separates the entrance from the remainder of the house can leave you with plenty of options in terms of decor. A simple framed picture could sit on the wall if utmost simplicity is what you seek. A simple sculpture could elevate the overall look of your home making it seem elegant, classy and artsy at the same time. 

7. Fancy an indoor quarry?

For a trip down historic paths, recreate an entrance such as this. Pick out antique elements that would enhance the overall look of your home. Typically bronze artifacts could be all that you need. 

8. Elegance right from the bottom

A red single brick wall running all the way from the lower level of the house right to the top is a wonderful idea. This centralizes the theme of your home around the entrance. This also is a great technique to adopt if you're looking to make a small home seem larger. 

9. Checkers anyone?

For large spaces that are in need of demarcation, here's a great idea. Not only are you setting the pace for a pleasant surprise at the entrance, but also a great way to separate spaces in your home. Simple plays on light and dark chequered boards could make all the difference in the world.  

10. Wooden entrance

Polished, varnished pieces of wood when lined up together, make for a great way to welcome folks home, wouldn't you say? If you don't agree with us, then let this image do the talking for us! Light it up well enough to really make that wood stand out. 

11. Multicolored walls

A colorful wall such as this with shelves at the side could make all the difference in the world if you pay attention to the color combinations you would like to incorporate. You could either go for darker shelves against a lighter backdrop as does this image, or vice versa depending on your choice. 

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