10 trendy wall colors for your home

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When a new time of the year arrives, as in this case autumn, which in turn gives way to winter, we often feel like changing something in our house. Give it a new mood, a new life. One of those things that are usually more recurring when it comes to changing, are the walls of our house. In this book of ideas we want to show you 10 trendy colors for the  walls of your house. 10 colors that will fill your life with inspiration.

1. Green

Generate harmonies or generate contrasts? That depends on the final result that you want to give the house in general or the particular room. Both options are correct, but both reflect completely different results.

This room painted in green is a clear example of how to generate harmony through the green color. It is about choosing different tones of the same color, tones that are not exactly the same but that are very similar.

2. Gray

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Fine art wallpaper for exclusive wall decor with custom wallpaper and custom wall murals. Walls and Murals


Neutral colors have the ability to make the rest of the decorative details that do not have that type of tonality, stand out greatly. And while it is true that colors such as white, black or beige come to mind, gray may be one of the best choices this autumn-winter. 

A good example of this is this beautiful bedroom in which the gray is the protagonist as the base of the canvas , but which in turn allows all eyes to be directed towards the pretty lights that is placed at the head of the bed. A romantic bedroom, with a personality and life of its own.

3. Yellow

Yellow is one of those colors ideal for autumn-winter, as it brings a warm sunny feel to winter. Although you have to be careful with the tone of yellow that you are going to choose, so it matches the decorations and furniture too. A pastel yellow tone is usually easier to match with. 

Yellow creates a most welcoming feeling, and it is advisable to combine it with other cream or neutral tones. Also on the outside is a very grateful, special color. If you think that it is too bright, you can always reduce it with a little white paint. 

4. White

White is a timeless color which never goes out of style. A color that is valid now, will be during the summer, this year and the next. Therefore, it is always trendy. You can also combine it with lots of shades and always be sure that you can't really go wrong. 




The advantages of white walls are almost innumerable, but the most recognized are the ability to make the spaces visually wider, provide luminosity and its enormous versatility to accept different styles and colors that fit… .

5. Pink

Pink is a color that few dare, but the truth is that it can create an environment as spectacular as the one in this bedroom. A fuchsia that combined with white, achieves a perfect balance. So if you choose a color as striking as this, you know: combine it with more neutral ones.

6. Orange

When we speak of orange, you may be in doubt about what tone of this color we mean exactly. If you settle for a strong and powerful orange as the one we see in the image, put it on a single wall and combine it with cream or pastel pink (looks great). 

7. Mint

Scandinavian Mint Pixers Scandinavian style bedroom

Scandinavian Mint


The mint green color is one of the most popular wall colors in recent times. It gives the room a retro vintage feel, but also a cozy and flirtatious touch, which is almost childish. The image features an ideal tone of mint: neither too soft nor too strong.

8. Options that combine everything

Lily Pond homify Scandinavian style walls & floors

Lily Pond


When we want something beyond a smooth wall color and we seek to combine different types of tonalities in the same wall, we can paint spots in different tones. You can also opt for wallpaper which is easier and comes with the option of many different designs.

9. More than one shade of blue

As we said before, you can also opt for a pair of different tones that follow a harmony, but with a certain point of difference. Between these two shades of blue we do not see too much distinction, but there is. This brings a volume and a movement which is most favorable.

10. Degraded

Last but not least, degraded colors or wall colors that change their intensity are one of the most beautiful alternatives that we can offer you. In this case, it goes from violet blue to lilac in a super nice and discreet way.

We hope you've been inspired. For more related ideas, please have a look at 5 amazing wall murals

Which wall color do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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