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To bring the feel of the Art Deco style or to completely revamp one's home, the following images will be a guide to follow. Art Deco has a very defined style that is contained in an era that was rejoicing int he optimism of the end of World War I and hopefulness of the future to come. Art Deco is built around a few, yet crucial elements such as these: geometrical shapes, reminders of the Machine Age with allusions to pieces of heavy machinery, gold ornaments and detailing, angular shapes as well as the use of material worthy of royalty such as gold, marble, dark tinted wood, brass and crystal. To sum it all up Art Deco is all of the following: a few important factors encompassed into one very specific and original style. It is bold, luxurious, opulent, geometrical, an ode to technology and the birth the the Industrial Era. A great example of this style is the Chrysler Building in New-York, which to this day still stands tall and shines bright with its angular and rounded shapes as well as with its shimmery roofing.

Wall panelling

The most known representation of the Art Deco style is definitely its original and sumptuous wall paneling style. The images represented on wall panelling are usually of angular human figures surrounded by skyscrapers or anything that represents the machinery of the time such as wheels and axles. The Industrial Era was in full expansion and people around the world were embracing the benefits it brought along. For this reason, the Machine Age had transformed the world which is why it is very noticeable and has reminders in the Art Deco style. That era was also a bountiful time of change and abundance which explains the grandeur and luxurious feel. The current picture is a perfect representation of the aforementioned: the angular lines, the references to machinery with the mechanical wheels, the geometrical shapes and opulent design of this entrance unequivocally represent the heart and soul of the Art Deco style.

What is Art Deco?

What is Art Deco all about? Art Deco is short for Arts Décoratifs in french which translates to decorative arts. This style saw its first inspirations come to life in France a little before World War I. Its influence, design and style literally flourished internationally during the decades between the 1920s and the 1940s. It success was due to the post-war optimism and enthusiasm, where there was a hope for new time to come as well as the welcoming of the Industrial Era and revolution of the time. This wave of cheer was bound to end since the Art Deco style waned off when World War II was in full throttle. The Art Deco characteristics are made of an eclectic style that encompasses opulent ornaments, rich and sultry colours as well as very defined geometric shapes. One can notice the boldness of the angles and geometrical figures and lines of the furniture inspired of that era. Lavish opulence is unleashed in the endearing Art Deco style and noticeable on everything created and inspired by that era. Click on the following link for more inspirations by Lehmann Art Deco Architekt.

Shining and gold effects

Set of 3 Stunning Vintage Chandeliers Sketch Interiors Living roomLighting
Sketch Interiors

Set of 3 Stunning Vintage Chandeliers

Sketch Interiors

Luxury was on everyone's mind during the Art Deco period, this is why the shining and gold effects were an important part of what characterises this era's style. The image shown here is a beautiful example of how opulence was displayed in the decorating and lighting aspect of period in time. These sumptuous crystal chandeliers are ornamented with golden detailing and quite mesmerising, when one considers all the detail that these chandeliers have. It is very flagrant here that there is a great amount of effort that was put into the making of these chandeliers. To bring in the Art Deco style in a home, having crystal and golden, highly ornamented objects will revive this style as well as bring a dash of sophistication. Adding only one or a few objects such as a lamp or ornamented chandeliers will greatly improve the atmosphere of the room they are in.

Geometrical shapes

Contemporary Sideboard Rupert Bevan Ltd Dining roomDressers & sideboards
Rupert Bevan Ltd

Contemporary Sideboard

Rupert Bevan Ltd

This beautiful brass sideboard has clear indicators that the inspiration for it was of the Art Deco style. The geometrical triangular shapes present in this piece of furniture are a bold statement and a clear marker for luxury. Brass is a solid and sturdy material that was used a lot during the Industrial era and this image proves how the Machine Age and advances in technology of the 1920s to the 1940s inspired the sideboard shown here. To implement this style into a home, one must look for defined, clear and lavish kinds of decorative items. It can be found in a bedroom dresser that has golden hues or that is made of brass with much geometrical shapes and angular lines. There is something quite mesmerising about the affluence of triangles of various shapes, shades and sizes that create a seemingly three-dimensional view.

Use of marble

Demi Lune Commode Rupert Bevan Ltd Living roomCupboards & sideboards
Rupert Bevan Ltd

Demi Lune Commode

Rupert Bevan Ltd

Since luxury and utter opulence are at the center of what Art Deco stands for, the use of marble is an obvious choice when opting for this decor style. Marble has always been and will always be a sign of timeless beauty and lavishness.The image shown here is of a stunning rounded off cabinet or sideboard that can be used for any room of the home. These types of furniture pieces are always useful since they provide a storage space, but the most important feature of this piece is its magnificent look. Once again the geometrical shapes and and rounded off lines contained in this sideboard prove how beautiful the design and worksmanship of this piece is. The marble top is like a cherry on top of the sundae to complete the overall Art Deco look. In one's home having a marble floor, a decorative item or furniture piece will jazz up the atmosphere of the room and greatly enhance its appearance. 

Elegant furniture out of wood

A room doesn't need to be completely converted from ceiling to floor with Art Deco reminders, but only with a few markers to make it an inviting setting. However completing a set such as living room seating set in the lounge can bring charm and elegance to it. Here is the image of an dignified and cosy chair meant for any room of the home. The lustrous dark brown hue of the leather and the wooden frame with hints of reddish-brown offer a luxurious feel. This chair is a breath of fresh air when comparing it to the styles that are generally sold in furniture store which don't even come close to having as much character and elegance as the one shown here. One can only marvel at the beauty of this chair because an attention to detail is present when having a closer look at the arms of the chair and the upper part of the back. The colour tones as well as the angular and geometrical square shapes are the predominant factor of the overall design of this seat. 

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