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DIY projects—A new year's resolution

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New Year is a time at which we bid farewell to the past and welcome the future with new hopes and zeal. It is also a time to make new resolutions for the coming year. Losing weight, travelling the world, starting a healthy lifestyle and saving money are the most common New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, as the year unfolds, it becomes difficult to keep these resolutions. Not being able to keep the resolutions adds to our frustration. Therefore, what started with enthusiasm and motivation turns into frustration and disappointment. However, instead of dwelling on failures, a better way is to take little DIY projects which are not only easily achievable, but also enhance the life and surroundings of individuals who opt for them. Here are some New Year's resolution DIY projects that can be taken up and completed this year.

Install a photovoltaic system on your roof

Do something for the environment and mother earth is always happy. There can be no better New Year's resolution than to go solar and help the environment, while also saving on energy costs. Installing a photovoltaic system on the roof can help in creating clean and green energy for the house.  It will not only reduce the energy bills, this environment friendly source of energy will also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This free and abundant source of energy can be used anywhere, where sunlight is in abundance. There are many guides available to install a photovoltaic system on the roof. Before installing the solar panel, it is important to get an inspection of the roof carried out by an engineer.

Plant a tree

Those who have been to the woods on a scorching day can understand the importance of growing more and more trees to keep the planet cool. In a house which is properly shaded by trees, the energy bills are comparatively lower and in addition trees also absorb carbon dioxide emissions. The trees also enhance the quality of air. They are also home to various beautiful animals and birds. A house with large trees has more value than a house without. Owing to its many benefits, planting a tree can be one of the New Year's resolution DIY projects. By planting a tree, one can not only benefit a home but the whole planet as well.

Create and sell your own art

Every person in this world is creative. Some have the latent talent and others have gone ahead to hone their skills and present it to the world. The New Year is a good time to start giving shape to your talent for art  and crafts and showcase it to the whole world. Creating beautiful pieces of art and selling it is a way to not only feel satisfied but also to earn some money. The best way to do this is to make short and long term goals. A long term goal could be for one year such exhibiting the art in a gallery or creating a website for art. The short term goal can be to create one artwork in a month or taking photos of the artwork to post on website. Going online to sell  your art work can also help. With the help of social media sites the fan base can be increased. This will ensure that more and more people view and admire your art.

Make a piece of furniture with upcycled materials

Upcylcing is gaining more popularity than recycling these days among those who are concerned about the environment. It is a cool way to repurpose old and unwanted items. There are many ways in which old and unwanted items can be processed to make beautiful furniture that can be used in the house. Apart from providing beautiful and functional furniture for your house, upcycling also reduces the amount of waste materials that are sent to the landfills every year. It also reduces processing raw materials by reducing the need to buy new products. Due to these multiple benefits it provides, upcycling is popular among the DIY enthusiasts and environmentalists alike. Beautiful furniture can be created using pallets which are the assembled planks of wood primarily used in storing and transporting large items. Almost all furniture in a house can be upcycled into a functional and decorative item.

Create a green roof/wall

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Organic Roofs

Residential green roofs

Organic Roofs

A green roof does not only make a house look wonderful, it also has a number of other benefits both environmental and personal. It retains a bit of rain water, thereby reducing the amount of polluted storm water draining it in the nearby water body. It also enhances the life of the waterproofing material on the roof. By keeping the home warm in winters and cold in summers, green roofs considerably reduce energy cosst. Apart from that they also soften outside noise, creating a calm and quiet environment in the house. However, before undertaking this project, it is important to consult an engineer who can study the structural elements to understand whether the structure is strong enough to take the additional weight of the roof. Also, there is a need to have a waterproof layer laid on the existing roof to ensure that water does not seep inside the walls and the help of a professional roofer is required.

Paint a vandalised wall in your neighbourhood.

Many times notorious people damage public property in the neighbourhood by offensive graffiti or defacement. This ruins the appearance of the neighbourhood. The New Year is a good time to beautify your neighbourhood and is  the first step is to paint a vandalised wall which has become an eye sore.

The New Year is a good time for making new resolutions. Some of the DIY projects can be taken up as New Year's resolutions. These New Year's resolution DIY projects will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but will also give you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills to your family and friends.Go ahead and start 2016 in a meaningful way. Happy DIY.

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