Bharat Bhanushali: modern Bedroom by PSQUAREDESIGNS

A modern home in Mumbai for a happy family

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What does a modern Indian home in Mumbai look like? Are you curious to find out? So join us on this tour to find out for yourself how homes are being designed in India these days. It’s always a joy keeping up to date with the latest local interior design trends. We will explore the house in parts starting with the living room, and then moving on to the kitchen and bedroom. We hope you will enjoy the tour of this lovely home designed by PSquareDesigns, interior architects based in Mumbai, India. 

Pockets of light

We absolutely love the pockets of light created by the false ceiling as it gives the living room a cave kind of feeling. It feels as if you’re in a really comfortable, cosy cave with beams of light shining in from the space in the rocks above. Although the living room and dining room are essentially in the same area, the unusual angular shape of the hall creates invisible dividers and seemingly more space. The bright lights and shiny white tiles used for the flooring also add to the sense of spaciousness. Next, let’s have a closer look at the slanting wooden frames used in the living room.

Framing with style

Adding frames to doorways and walls can help to define them better and bring more attention to them. Pictured here, we see a unique way of framing with style using frames that don’t exactly fit, but slant at a funny angle instead. Since the whole hall has unusual angles anyway, these slanting frames enhance the eccentric shapes and layout present in this hall. Doesn’t it remind you of the song with the crooked man and the crooked house?

The stylish framing also gives the home a contemporary look which is unique in its own way. On the wall adjacent to the TV wall, we see the frames being used to create a huge family photo collage, adding a personal touch to the living space and making it more homely.

Red, black, and white kitchen

Red, black and white is one of the most striking and attractive colour combinations you can use. This is why many corporations use these colours for advertising and marketing. Although you may not need to advertise your kitchen for any reason, adding some striking colours might make it more attractive, even though the kitchen is probably already a main attraction in the house mainly because of the food! Whatever it is, food and colour seem to go hand in hand, at least in India.

Soothing patterns and colours

Using soothing patterns and colors such as organically shaped spirals and waves together with calm colors such as light blue, white and grey creates an overall relaxing effect in the living room. A sense of continuity is achieved in the hall by repeating patterns. For example, you can see that the spiral patterns on the pillow cases are mirrored on the wallpaper and even the colour is matched with the curtains and the sofa.

The lover's bedroom

We call it the lover’s bedroom as it has all the romantic colours such as red, pink, and purple melted into a velvety soft touch. The full length mirror by the bed also adds a sense of sensuality to the bedroom, while creating a more spacious room at the same time. Last but not least, good lighting makes the whole bedroom radiate in a loving, comforting glow, creating the perfect place to fall asleep in your lover’s arms. Browse through bedroom designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

The exit

The exit or the doorway out of the apartment is also framed at a weird but beautiful angle. The unsymmetrical shape adds a distinctive touch to the exit, making it impressionable and definitely memorable. A slightly rustic, country feel is apparently a nice way to say goodbye. We hope you have gathered some valuable inspiration and ideas through this tour. For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at a home with subtle and soothing waves

What do you like most about this tour? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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