14 perfect stairs models for small houses

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Stairs are more than just an element that connects the levels in a home. When designed well, they can even become a decorative highlight of the house. Stairs for 2-story houses come in several styles, and they also differ based upon the material used and size.

Today, we focus on size and will show you 14 stair designs that fit perfectly in small or medium-sized houses. They all look spectacular, each with a unique style, and can radically change the look of your home.

Let your stairs be more than just a functional element in your home.

1. Divided in two

We start with this stair design, which occupies a space specifically dedicated to it. It is divided into two equal sections. Additionally, the area under the stairs has been decorated with white stones that make the area look more harmonious and beautiful.

2. Simplicity in wood

This little staircase would be perfect for a small duplex in a big metropolis, don’t you think? We love its simplicity and straight lines, with suspended steps that make the surroundings look lighter, airier and brighter. It’s an ideal design for small house stairs.

3. Invisible railing

For modern staircases for small houses, it is highly recommended to use a light, thin and transparent railing, like the one in this image. With glass, you can give the impression that there is no railing, leaving the space clearer and brighter without compromising on safety. 

You can get your stairs professionally-designed to ensure that it is beautiful and safe.

4. Floating

This ladder has no support structure that directly connects it to the floor, making it seem like it is floating in the air. It is a very beautiful and original stair design, with an industrial style that is perfect for small modern houses.

5. Narrow and in the corner

These small house stairs are almost hidden in a corner of the house in a rather limited space with reduced access. It is a very simple but original design, with a hollow structure underneath in which a small table with a lamp has been placed to add an interesting touch.

6. 2 stairs, 2 styles

In this house, you can see two separate stairs, which look good on their own and also complement each other. The one on the left of the image is more classic, with closed steps and a traditional railing, while the other has steps that seem to float in the air and a more minimalist railing that is typical of modern staircases for small houses.

7. Near the window

Placing the stairs near the window, if possible, is always a desirable alternative both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. See what a lovely sight the wooden staircase in this image presents.

8. Spiral staircase

Spiral stairs are classic! They are the perfect stairs for 2-story houses or small duplex flats as they are timeless and never go out of fashion. In addition, there are many designs to choose from, all of which are equally charming.

For more spiral stair designs, see 35 spectacular ideas for spiral stairs.

9. Stairs without support

If you don’t have children, or elderly people with mobility difficulties, living at home, you can opt for this type of stair design without support structure or a railing to connect the two floors of your house. It’s simple, elegant and functional.

10. Surrounded by small details

If you have the stairs set to one side of the wall, you should do something with the space left around it, shouldn’t you? Use plants, lamps and other small decorative details that will brighten the area, like in this home, making every trip up and down the stairs an enjoyable experience.

11. Matching the house

Another option is to choose your small house stairs to match the furniture or the other way around, depending on which comes first. In this case, the staircase matches the sofa and the rest of furniture of the house. It looks lovely!

12. Two sections

An original and beautiful option is to place the steps in two directions or sections. In this way, you can play with shapes and volumes to bring dynamism to the area.

13. Stairs that don’t touch the floor

How can stairs not touch the floor? There are stair designs where they don’t—see this image. The last step hangs a few inches off the ground, but it is enough to give a unique feature that will leave guests gaping. Memorable indeed!

14. Low

Sometimes, when we are designing modern staircases for small houses, we do not need stairs to connect two floors. Maybe we just need a few to get to the door, climb to the loft, or step down into the garage or basement. Here a flatter design will provide both functionality and style.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Respond in the comments.

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