5 ways to cool a hot bedroom

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 Little can be done to avoid the heat on the street and sometimes the only option seems to stay at home. Enduring the heat during the day is not so serious but when the heat tightens so much that it is difficult to sleep, problems arise.

At homify we want to do our part and try to help you make the hot sweaty nights more bearable. For this we have gathered some tips that will prevent the heat from staying to sleep with you in the bedroom. 

Close the house during the day

During the day you should avoid at all costs that heat enters the room. For this, it is important to lower the blinds and open awnings and umbrellas when the sun hits hard, in addition to keeping the windows closed to isolate the room from the heat. 

When night begins to come, it is time to uncover the house to the outside: raise the blinds, open the windows and curtains, and let the coolness of the night enter the bedroom. If you have windows on both sides of your home open them at the same time to create cross ventilation that reaches the bedroom.

Cheats for the fan

Remember that the fan should only be turned on when necessary if you do not want the engine to warm the room. If the ceiling fan is not enough, add a tabletop fan to work both at once. If it is still too little, place an ice bucket in front of the appliance so that the air cools down when it passes through it.

White curtains

Curtains are not only beautiful but functional as well.  If your house does not have blinds or shutters, choose light-colored curtains such as white and be lightweight with the material. Dark, heavy textiles easily absorb heat and warm the room.

Wet the floor and open the windows

At night comes the time to open the windows. If your curtains are too thick, get a mosquito net to be safe from annoying insects and sleep without interruption. After opening the windows scrub the floor of the room with water, and if you have a terrace do the same with your pavement. This way you can lower the temperature of your home by a couple of degrees.

Sleep on the ground floor

If despite applying these tips, your bedroom still feels like a sauna, you have to take drastic measures. If you live in a single-family house or in a duplex with an underground floor, take inspiration in the design of the photograph and use it as a another room of the house. You can place a sofa bed and use this space as a temporary bedroom.

We hope you've found the ideas here useful. For more inspiration, have a look at 7 ways to cool down your house naturally.

Do you have any other ideas on how to cool a hot bedroom? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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