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10 beautiful pictures of small drawing rooms for Indian homes

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During 16th century, the word drawing room was coined from the term withdrawing room. The withdrawing room was the room to which the guest and the host could ‘withdraw’ for socializing and entertainment. During 19th century when the space shrunk and the houses became smaller in size, the drawing room became the living room. It is the social area of the house where we entertain our guest. It is also the room where family get together to wind up their day, enjoy some television time or just to relax together.

The drawing room should be welcoming, well designed, comfortable and stylish enough to reflect your personality. All these come from furniture, lighting, curtains, wall decoration, etc…  The interior designers of Homify are here to inspire and impress you. Have a look!

1. Lounging in style

Make the optimum use of the length of the long drawing room. The translucent partition screen, the reflective glass wall, the colourful wall on the opposite, the motifs on the ceiling and a beautiful chandelier; it is sophisticated and amazing.

2. Reflection

The delicate colour of the curtains and sofa goes well with the texture on the wall. The four paintings are the mirror image of each other. The style quotient of the drawing room is doubled by the large mirror on the wall that simply reflects the beauty and gives a depth to the room.

3. Colour of life

Spread the colour of joy and show your true Indian spirit in your drawing room. How? Just take a clue from here and colour your world. Scroll down to explore some more interesting images of drawing room.

4. Buddha on my wall

It’s a masterpiece on the wall. And if the wall itself is a masterpiece then the rest of the drawing room decoration should be made to seamlessly complement it. It’s marvelous!

5. Elegantly modern

The calm colour of the room immediately sets the mood for a relaxing evening. The light colour also makes the room look larger. Keep it minimal and breathe in the openness of the space. I like the lamp stand fixed on the wall in the corner. It is a great way to decorate the empty corner of the living room. Isn't it ?

6. Accessories

Accessorize the drawing room creatively to get an astonished admiration from your guests every time they visit your home. The 3-D wall painting is amazing and the chandelier hanging in the corner will leave you mesmerized.

7. The black and white era

The charm of black and white era can never go out of fashion, and will always look attractive and appealing. The corner has been well taken by the curvy L-shaped sofa. The scintillating painting on the wall is sufficient to sparkle the room. 

8. Colour coordination

A well coordinated room radiates a positive vibe and will fascinate the guests. A bright colour carpet surrounded by the subtle colour all around with a splash of lively sparkle in the form of cushions and a painting on the textured wall, can surely add charm to any kind of interior design for drawing room.

9. The depth of comfort

From ceiling to carpet, everything here is conspiring to give depth to the small drawing room to make it feel larger. Add a work of art in your drawing room and see how it fashionably elevates the entire décor of the room. The stack side table is marvellous. It’s perfect!

10. Simple living

An elegantly deigned sofa set, a classic center table, soft colours on the wall and colours thrown in the form of cushions and a vibrant seat. The simplicity of this room is captivating. The balcony has been taken in the room to add extra space in the simple living.

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More Ideas

This rustic creation radiates an old-world charm, while emphasizing on the elements of simplicity and elegance. Its raw and blemished stone wall takes the center stage and adds a natural warmth to make the entire space even more inviting. In addition, the colours of the ceiling, walls, floor tiles and furniture, perfectly blend with each other and create a homogenous living room interior. The turquoise cushions offer the much-needed colourful spark to the otherwise muted colour palette. Also, the two backlit panels elevate the décor and provide adequate space for placing collectibles.

This extravagantly designed living room exudes a luxe feel. Dominated with white and beige, this drawing room interior design creates a calming and relaxing ambience. Additionally, the beautiful lighting fixtures contribute to the alluring décor and produce a soft light. Here, the interior architects have also incorporated a tray ceiling to create a visual depth and to lend a dramatic architectural appeal. Moreover, the poles covered in wood textured tiles perfectly contrast with the monochromatic surroundings and add a hint of modern rusticity. 

Which of these will become your living room? We are waiting to hear from you.

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