Best colours for your home according to Vastu

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Colours… it is the essence of life. It is a proven fact that colours have a powerful impact on the psychology of any person. Colours have the power to inspire our behaviour and create an atmosphere for happy mood. A house is a place where we spend a major part of our life. Vastu shashtra, the ancient science of architecture has been used since centuries to create a perfect atmosphere to make your house a home. Vastu shashtra believes that specific colours stimulate distinctive emotions and if the house is according to the Vastu, it will certainly be a happy place.

We the Homify professionals have come up with a few suggestions of Vastu colours for your home. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of your home it will also create a beautiful and healthy home filled with love, abundance and prosperity.       

Have a look!

The house

The exterior of the house is your introduction to the world. We want to paint it to look appealing and attractive. Although the colour should be selected according to the zodiac of the owner, however, the colours like off-white, yellowish-white, orange or light mauve will suit to all.

​Living Room

Living room is the place where we welcome our guests. Its décor is basically to impress our family and friends. The Vastu colours will further be welcoming for the guests and pleasant for your eyes. Yellow, tan, beige, blue and green are the best colour for the living room.

​Dining room

Dining room should be painted in relaxing colours to refresh you and your family and pump in loads of sparkle in your relationship. Blue, green and pink colours are for the dining room where we all gather for family meals and entertainment.

​Study room

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Aggarwal Residence


The study is the room where we love to relax with your book or work hard for your family. Whatever it is you need a peaceful and positive environment here to concentrate. Green is the perfect colour for the study of your home.

​Couple Bedroom

Bedroom is the private space of your home and is restricted for the outsiders. Colour it pink to bring more romance in your life. If you don’t like pink then light blue and light green is also a good choice.

​Children’s bedroom

We tend to create a study space for kid right in a corner of the bedroom. Colour the kid’s room in light green or blue. The soothing colour is good for the young mind and will help to concentrate in their studies too.


White, grey, any pastel shades, pink, off white or a combination of black and white; there are many colours to choose from for your bathroom. Just go for the colour you like the best.


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SJR Watermark, 3 BHK—Mr. Ankit


The food factory of your house if painted according to vastu would surely bring in health and happiness for your family. Yellow, orange, red, rose pink, white and chocolate are the colours for kitchen.

​Pooja room

The most auspicious space of your home should be bright and shiny like the sunlight. Yellow is the colour for the pooja space. However, if your prayer is meditation for you then you may go for blue.

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Which Vastu colour tip do you already follow for your house? We are waiting to know.

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