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If you are in the mood to change the furniture of your home and the colour of your walls, this will help you get started. Every now and then it seems like the body and the mind asks us for a change of decoration, but of course, we do not always have enough money to afford big purchases. That's why  homify has compiled some great ideas for a low budget. If you want to fill your head with fresh ideas for your home, do not wait any longer. The book of ideas that you have ahead will reveal 33 ideas for you to achieve shocking changes at home with little money. 

1. Change the kitchen floor

We start with a very big idea that can drive you crazy. It is not the cheapest, but the most satisfying and the most striking of all: it is a question of changing the old kitchen floor by colored tiles—hydraulic or imitation—that will give your house a spectacular bohemian look.

2. What about a bench?

We continue in the kitchen. Here you can think of replacing several dining chairs by a bench, because, not only is it fashionable, but also you can start to organize dinners at home for many friends.

3. Vinyls on the wall

Vinyls are a very creative and economical way of  decorating the walls. There are many designs that can transport you to other worlds without having to leave the room.

4. Paint a colored wall

There is nothing that has a greater impact than a change of color on a wall. It does not take much money, you just need to choose the best color that suits the space. Painting a single wall will be enough to give your house a completely different mood.

5. Original Shelves

If you want to change the image of your bedroom you can choose to make your own shelves like in this picture, with little boxes deformed to your liking and hung on the wall. You can also paint them in color to add an even more cheerful touch to your bedroom.

6. Strings of lights

Do not think garlands and chains of lights are just for Christmas. There are colors or only white and all kinds of luminaires that can give any room a very homey air.

7. Fill the wall with memories

Do not be afraid to expose your memories. What better way to decorate your living room than with pictures of your experiences. You can also hang other personal items such as pictures made by you or your family and friends.

8. Opt for contrasts

If you introduce a color or a material of strong contrast with the existing one, there will be a more than remarkable change. For example,  you can use wooden furniture inside a black and white bathroom with ceramic and tiles for a striking contrast. 

9. Design your own showcases

Just like with the shelves, you can also design your own showcases where to expose the objects of which you are most proud, from the typical dishes and cups to the most indie magazines you can imagine.

10. Provide variety

To put dynamism and some joy in the house, what better way than to opt for variety in the style of your furniture, in the colors and in the form? These  designers were clear: the best way to decorate this dining room was to make use of chairs of many different colors and styles.

11. Some subtle details

If you are looking for a change but something very subtle and delicate, perhaps you can do as was done in this bedroom, attach some wooden swallows painted in white that can occupy part of your headboard and your dreams will fly far!

12. A brick wall

Yes, perhaps this idea is not the easiest and most economical if compared to the previous ones, but with a little more effort you can achieve a brick wall like this, and it will give your house a very trendy industrial look. 

13. Play a little bit

Not everything has to be taken seriously, we can also have some fun when designing our house. So, if swing is your thing, what do you think about building a swing in your own bedroom? Of course, you have to make sure that the structure will withstand weight and movement.

14. Letters in the kitchen

This kitchen would not be the same without those words in front of the sink. They are loose words with different typography, but you can also opt for messages that motivate you and fill you with energy each morning.

15. Paint with chalk

If you are one of those who draws on the bar napkins, the theater entrances and the restaurant tablecloth, it may not be a bad idea to design a wall at home where you can paint with chalk to unleash your imagination.

16. Launch the DIY

For the little hands, this is a great idea. Just get some ideas from homify to launch you into the world of DIY, or what is the same, get down to work and start cutting and pasting to create your own ornaments.

17. New media

Not everything has to be kept in drawers and hidden from view. The utensils can hang from bars like the ones in the picture so that it is much faster to access them and saves on storage space as well. 

18. Decorate with plants

What a nice and yet economical gesture! The decoration with plants is one of the most grateful and cheap of all. It gives your home lots of freshness and joy, and you can make all the combinations you want.

19. Do you like maps?

We love maps, and the more ancient and enigmatic the better. We have the immense power to move with our imagination to thousands of possible adventures, so we can not imagine anything better than to decorate the room with a large headboard map. 

20. Wallpaper

We have already mentioned before the immense power that wallpaper has on the wall. It is economical, easy to assemble and also very powerful when it comes to changing the image of a room. 

21. Recycled furniture

If you have old chairs that you hardly or never use, you can give them a second chance. Paint them with new colors and you will see how you cannot bear to separate them.

22. Paint on wood

The wooden walls are gorgeous. But if you dare to paint them with your own designs, it will be even more valuable.

23. New hanging rack for the entrance

How about changing the way you receive your guests? A new hanging rack could be a good choice—very convenient and practical too. 

24. Original mirrors in the bathroom

You can focus on the bathroom and make the most of it by decorating it as if it were one more room in the house. You can think of hanging an original mirror that makes a difference. 

25. Remember the balcony

If you had the balcony forgotten and full of junk, it's time to look at it and spend some time. You can order it, clean it and buy a nice piece of furniture without spending a lot of money. Ah! And plants, do not forget.

26. Hanging chairs

Before we talked about swings, now the time for the hanging chair has arrived. Do you like this design for the living room?

27. Paint the walls yourself

If you like to create imaginary worlds, you can dump your passion on the walls of your house and make as in that case a tree that grows from the stairs.

28. A clock that attracts all eyes

Sometimes a simple piece of furniture or a decorative element can make a difference in a room, as is the case with this original wall clock.

29. Vertical Gardens

For those of us who do not have much space on the floor to place pots, do not panic. There is always the option of creating a vertical garden in a column or wall.

30. Paper Adornments

Let's go back to DIY! And in this case we look at paper ornaments you can do yourself.

31. Design a new order

There's nothing better than changing the mood of your house with order. Buy some nice boxes and start your spring cleaning! 

32. New lamps

Without spending a lot of money, think about changing some lamps that will give any room a very refreshed image.

33. The carpets are back!

If you had them stored in the store, it's time to dust them off and put them back in the living room, bedroom or anywhere you want to add a little warmth and color.

We hope you've enjoyed this book of ideas. For more inspiration, please have a look at 10 easy and cheap kitchen decoration ideas.

Which decor ideas do you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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