17 sliding door ideas to transform the appearance of your home

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Small apartments and spaces are quite common nowadays. And to save space in these setups, sliding doors are becoming a popular option. Sliding doors are easy to open and close and provide an overall functional environment. Moreover, these kinds of doors are suitable in all kinds of house settings.

There are varied styles of sliding doors available on the market. These doors seamlessly integrate various environments in the best possible manner. Mentioned below are 17 really cool ways in which sliding doors can be used in your home.

1. Behind the wall

In many new systems, this kind of sliding door is seen. In a door pocket or pocket, the door seems to be hidden inside the wall. It is needless to say that the setting and arrangement looks just perfect. The visually arranged modern design is very appealing to look at.

2. Great for separating environments

This glazed sliding door looks amazingly stylish. In fact, installing this door helps in separating environments smartly. Again, opening the door helps in integrating the spaces as well.

3. Oriental style

The popularity of sliding doors is proof of the fact that these doors have been in use from one generation to another. In fact, different cultures have seen use of such doors. This is an oriental model of the sliding door in light shades. Dividing environments can be done with ease using oriental sliding doors.

4. Crystal bathroom

If you love stylish bathrooms, you must try the glass sliding door! This helps in giving a sense of breadth to the space. If you have a suite style bedroom, use sliding glass doors in the bathroom and make them super attractive.

5. For complete privacy

Take a look at this excellent original design of a sliding door. The main sliding door comes in a dark shade, which offers complete privacy to people. The glass door remains covered in this setup.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

6. Looks like one with the wall

This elegant sliding door will just blow your mind off. The sliding door is made of the same material and style and design as that of the wall – wooden in this case. The sense of space in the environment is improved greatly by this initiative.

7. Integrating spaces by use of mirrors on sliding doors

Sliding glass doors come with different kinds of finishes like vinyl. It is not important that the sliding glass door has to be always transparent. Using an ink shade effect in light hues can work wonders on the sliding door.

8. Sliding door in the kitchen

This sliding door used in the kitchen is super cool. Half of the sliding door is made of glass, while the lower half is made of some kind of black material – it can be wood, ply or any other material. The kitchen is separated from the dining space with this sliding door. But the upper glass part of the sliding door helps in passing light and also helps in maintaining eye contact with the person on the other side of the door.

9. Communication with different environments

This sliding door  in the picture helps in separating and integrating the interiors with the exteriors exceptionally well. The terrace gets a new dimension altogether and becomes an extended part of the heart of the dwelling.

10. Sophistication merged with elegance

Take a look at this extremely elegant and sophisticated sliding door, which is divided into three wooden sheets. The door knobs on each sheet are visible enhancing the appeal of the sliding door manifold times. The library looks really elegant with this kind of sliding door setup.

11. Vinyl sliding doors

If sliding doors are there in almost all places in your house, it is recommended to use frosted glass for the sliding doors. If you cannot manage that, add some sections of vinyl tape on the doors horizontally for concealing some transparent parts.

12. A relaxing area

The concept of internal gardens is extremely interesting and refreshing. However, in most small spaces and apartments, having this luxury is next to impossible. Take a look at the image and see how a sliding door can help in creating a small niche inside your small apartment, where you can relax in the best manner.

13. Using tinted glass

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Glass sliding doors are extensively used in many spaces for illuminating the whole space. And if the glass in tinted in some light hue, it looks all the more splendid. The house not only looks stylish but also fresh from various aspects. Visual barriers can also be removed with this kind of sliding door.

14. Complete transparency

Using glass doors, either sliding or otherwise can help in dividing as well as integrating space in the interiors smartly. Thanks to the sliding transparent door, there is a visual connection between two areas and spaces.

15. Sliding door opening to the open garden

Check out this large sliding door, which opens up to the garden in the house. If you are looking to integrate your interiors with exteriors, this sliding door can prove to be very effective.

16. Relaxing shades

It is true that the shades of the sliding doors are attractive. But the main attraction of this space is the bespoke furniture. With varying shades of light, the area looks absolutely charming and attractive.

17. In-room facility

This sliding door is made up of opaque glass. The greatest advantage is that this door offers complete privacy. But all this is done in the most elegant manner. This style is applicable for perfect for all settings.

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Which one of these sliding doors appealed to you most and why? Share your comments below.

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