10 Vastu Shastra tips to keep bad energies from your home

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When things aren’t going well in our lives, it is important to seek positive energy, change one’s attitude, maybe even leave some people behind, and of course, renew the energy in our home.

After all, a home is the mirror of our life. It is where we rest and relax. If we do not feel at ease in our house, it’s unlikely that we feel that way anywhere else. Vastu Shastra can help us to feel happy in our home.

Did you know that Vastu Shastra prescribes guidelines on how space can improve our well-being, either in the places where we work or live? With this knowledge, we can evaluate the positive influences that are present in the space and redirect the negative ones. By making certain modifications, we can improve and solve professional, emotional, financial and health blockages.

Discover in this ideabook some tips for cleaning a house of bad energies with Vastu Shastra. Don’t waste any more time. Start right away to bring more positivity into your life! Here’s how…

1. Get rid of broken objects

According to Vastu Shastra, we should throw away all objects that are broken, as they attract negative energy or block positive energy. Although you can try to replace and repair them, according to the Vastu philosophy, the best we can do is throw them out and start over. Sometimes it's not easy, but if you are wondering how to ward off bad energy, throw away any decorative objects that are broken.

2. Let air circulate freely

Opening the windows every day to refresh the air does more than improve the hygiene inside a room. Even when it is cold, you should open the windows every day and let the sunlight flood your house, by raising the blinds and drawing the curtains. Both sunshine and fresh air are your allies for protecting against bad energy, as the wind carries it outside your home. It is a simple routine, but can make a difference when you want to know how to ward off bad vibes inside your home.

3. Remove clutter

Many of us have the habit of accumulating things because we feel bad to get rid of it. However, these objects, which we don’t use, can block the emotions and spirituality inside our home. When our house is well-organized, with everything in place, we experience calmness and positivity. Doesn’t it happen to you? Well, now you know… removing clutter is a tip for cleaning houses of negative energy with Vastu Shastra. So, get to work!

4. Use Peace Lilies

Flowers or plants have refreshing energies, according to Vastu Shastra. That is why it is so important to have them inside our home. The Peace Lily is particularly beneficial, especially if you have don’t have much natural light inside your home, because this plant does not need much sun and attracts good energy. Additionally, it is simple to maintain and beautiful.

5. Place salt in the corners

If you move into a new home (which was previously inhabited by someone else) a tip for cleaning the house of bad energies using Vastu Shastra is to place some salt in all the corners of the home. This will help to absorb the negative energy left behind by the previous residents. You can remove the salt from the corners 48 hours after you place it there. Make sure you throw it away!

6. Decorate with mirrors

Don’t have mirrors in your house? Well do not hesitate for a moment to use them. Why? For the simple reason that they attract the positive energies and help to clear the mind. They are also excellent as decorative accessories, as they reflect light and make the spaces appear larger. There are many styles of mirrors to choose from, so you're sure to find one that suits your décor preferences. However, don’t forget that according to Vastu Shastra, you must place the mirrors at the right spots. For example, it is not recommended to place them in front of the door of the house or the bedroom because it could deflect positive energy from entering the space. You can get help from an interior designer or Vastu expert to ensure mirrors are placed correctly in your home.

7. Head toward the north

It is important to face the north when we are studying, sleeping or working. According to Vastu Shastra, there is a better flow of energy when we are aligned in this direction. So, to attract positive energies maybe it’s time to change the position of some of your furniture so that you face the north.

8. The importance of the entrance

Positive energy should start at the  entrance to our house Placing a mirror, especially if the space is narrow, will not only make it look bigger and brighter, but also will attract good energy to your home from the first point of entry. A great tip on how to ward off bad energy from your home – place beautiful objects such as flowers at the entrance, as they create a good vibe and make the reception more pleasant.

9. Incense and pleasant aromas

According to Vastu Shastra, cleaning your house of bad energies, using the pleasant aroma of incense, helps to improve the energy and bring calmness to the environment. You have a wide variety of fragrances to choose from – incense, aromatic candles and natural air fresheners – to make your home feel more inviting.

10. Clean regularly

Another guideline for how to ward off bad energy with Vastu shastra is regular cleaning. It is essential for keeping away negative energy and creating a sense of well-being in the home. Cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, dusting, vacuuming or scrubbing dishes can be boring, but the truth is that feeling of freshness that results and the fragrances of the cleaning agents brings about a positive feeling. 

For more tips on decorating according to Vastu Shastra, see 6 divine Vastu Shastra ideas for your home.

Do you have any unique Vastu tips to share for eliminating negative energy? Let us know in the comments.

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