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There is nothing more rejuvenating than decorating and organizing your home! And if the home is new then the joy just multiplies. Isn’t it? Kitchen being an integral part of your life and home, it needs a little bit of extra attention. On an average we Indians spend more time in our kitchen during our waking hours. Cooking and feeding are our passion. So why not show our passion while designing the kitchen and kitchen furniture?

As always we the Homify professionals are here to help you. Today we have come up with 12 amazing design ideas of kitchen furniture for your new kitchen. Have a look and get inspired. We are sure that you will love it!

1. Youthful and elegant vibe

The combination of purple and white in kitchen furniture is quite new and bold choice. But see how amazing it looks. The strategic combination of colours spreads youthful energy in the kitchen. It’s refreshing!

2. Graciously elegant

No matter how large the kitchen is, you will always need more storing space there. Don’t get carried away by the size of the big kitchen. Use the space and build furniture for storage to keep the kitchen clean and organized. Here the cabinets are made of wood with strong steel handles. It is in complete sync with the windows of the room.

3. Shining like the sun

Bright colours will surely fill the space with positive and joyful energy. Choose some bright colour for the kitchen furniture and let it shine like your personality.

4. From pot to plate

It is an amazing idea to merge the dining area with the kitchen. Merging of space will create one large and comfortable room instead of two small spaces. Take inspiration from here and show your creativity in your home.

5. Open and shut

For convenience, it is important to have both close cabinets and open shelves in the kitchen. Use the space judiciously and create as much of the storage space you can. Believe us you will use it all. Don’t even spare the windows and use it to display your ceramic collections.

​6. For all the wine lovers

A little bit of imagination can make a whole lot of difference. This small functional kitchen is well furnished to provide all the comfort within the limited space. Apart from the wall cabinets, in-built oven space in the middle and floor cabinets, it also has a creatively designed breakfast table with holes to hold your collection of wines. The kitchen also comes with collapsible partition door if you want to hide your kitchen from the world.

7. Rustic charm in the modern world

Bring home the rustic charm in your modern home and live the childhood memory each day. There is nothing fancy here. Just wooden planks to display your collections, wooden boxes and sturdy cabinets and drawers with antique looking handle on them; you will love it!

​8. Graffiti of your imagination

Normal is boring. Create some theatre in the kitchen and make is scintillating. Take a clue from here and spread the wings of imagination for your kitchen.

​9. Writing L on the kitchen floor

Now this is something innovative and interesting. Instead of having a long kitchen counter, a turn has been made in the middle to give it an L-shape. It bifurcate the space in style creating an island and also some extra storage space. The contrast of the frosted glass cabinets with solid wood looks beautiful.

10. A wall called kitchen

In the modern city homes where you get just a wall for kitchen, transform it into a well organized kitchen which will surely become the most loved hangout place for your family and friends. Teak finish floor cabinets and open shelves on the stone wall look stunning.

11. Sleek and stylish

This design will fit perfectly in your cozy apartment. The island extends to a simple breakfast table with two stools. A large size refrigerator will create ample storing space along with the beautiful cabinets and shelf.

12. Stretch it for convinience

A collapsible extended board will be a boon in the kitchen. Open it when you need some extra working space.

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Which picture you found fresh and new and will adore your kitchen to make it beautiful? Write to us.

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