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17 pictures of small pools for terraces and gardens

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When we think of a home with a pool, we imagine that one needs a large garden for it. However, one can enjoy small pools even in smaller spaces. In this ideabook, we present 17 ideas of small courtyard pools that can inspire you to use your creativity and resources to design one for your home. Ready?

1. The design

When we decide to build a pool in the garden, the first thing we should think about is the design. It should be in harmony with the rest of the garden area as well the house. We can always rely on plants and furniture to create a cosy space.

In this image, we can see that the synergy in the round shapes used in the garden, from the pool to the path and the chairs too.

2. Why it’s good to have a pool?

A swimming pool is an element that attracts attention, and it is especially useful considering the temperature in summer. That is why, it’s good to have a pool even in a small space, so we can take a dip to cool down. Additionally, the  pool serves a decorative element, and it offers us the chance to get our daily exercise. Of course, it also increases the value of a house.

3. Out of the shadows

While considering where to build the pool, it is very important that as far as possible we should avoid locating it in an area covered with shadows. Of course, this decision might vary from one owner to another, but it is advisable to avoid shadows from nearby buildings or trees covering small pools.

4. Spaces without too much

When we do not have a lot of space and the swimming pool size is a concern, the fewer the objects we have around the pool, the better it is, so one can make the most of the area for relaxation.

5. Simplicity is the key.

Small pools come in many shapes, materials and styles. Although they are the most common, rectangular and the circular pools are also the most popular among home owners.

6. Small pools for terraces

The idea of having a swimming pool at home is always good, but when one has children at home, it is necessary to take precautions. For instance, the floor surrounding the pool should be made of non-skid material to prevent them from slipping and falling. We should also consider the ideal depth of the pool.

7. Indoor or outdoor

We must always think if we want to build small pools indoors or outdoors. Both have advantages and disadvantages. In this photograph, we see a wonderful example of an indoor pool that one can enjoy regardless of the temperature outside.

8. Pool at a height

When the pool is located on the roof, you need to protect the perimeter of the terrace with fences or rails. It is best to seek the opinion of experts to ensure that you adhere to height regulations.

9. What material?

While one can use a variety of materials for small pools, wood is one that is not so commonly used. However, we love the warm touch it can bring to the environment.

10. Plants

One cannot forget plants when it comes to decorating a pool area. There are many types to choose from, so pick one that suits the climate in your region as well as the stunning exterior of your modern Indian house.

11. Lighting

Using lighting one can create different moods to suit the moment. Additionally, it can provide an inviting ambiance to enjoy swimming at night.

12. The depth

While making the decision about how deep the pool should be, think about how you will use it, how much space you have, and of course, the budget. Small pools for relaxation can be much smaller than those used for training or exercise.

13. Modern design

Regardless of the swimming pool dimensions, it should have a modern design that brings style to the space. It is always a good idea to ensure that small pools match the style of the house.

14. Inground pools

Small inground pools should adapt well to the shape of the terrain. This example shows how with the help of a good architect you can achieve the best result.

15. Small details to improve the design

We love the stone blocks, which provide access to this pool. They give the impression of walking on the water and offer fantastic support for resting between laps.

16. A unique pool

This pool caught our eye due to its transparent sides. Its size makes it ideal for sitting and relaxing to cool off during the hottest days.

17. A warm pool

Finally, we show you a pool that is perfect to enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings. It is also special because it has a heating system that keeps the water at the right temperature.

For more design ideas for small swimming pools for homes see Small, but nice: 6 mini pools.

Other impressive pool designs

Here is another exceptionally crafted pool design for your terrace. Besides its unique construction, the wood that surrounds it lends an aesthetic charm as well as the needed warmth. Designed by professionals, this terrace swimming pool also has lights installed in it that make it easier for you to relax in water while looking at the night sky.

Besides the pleasing surroundings, the plants installed near this irregular-shaped

terrace swimming pool make the whole dipping experience even more refreshing. This central position of the swimming pool also invites proper sunlight to help you perfectly relax your body.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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