13 unique design ideas for walls of your home

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Wall décor is an important part in any home design. It is on these four walls that the whole house structure is supported. Décor on wall can be done with wood, stones or any other kinds of decorative elements. The main motto of the décor is to give a unique character and appeal to the space.

If you are not very sure regarding the kind of décor you must go with for your home wall, you can try from the ones enlisted below. Today, in our book of ideas, we present to you the work of some of the most leading interior design experts in the country. These tips will help you resuscitate your home walls and make them look glorious!

1. Wooden beads in relief

In this image, you can see how wooden planks have been used in decorating the wall. But there is a difference. The wall has different layers and this is what makes it so very special. The broad and wide layers tend to impart a sense of motion and animation in the room. Not only this the natural wooden shades provide enriching warmth, dimension and depth in the room.

2. Thinner wooden beads

The effect achieved in this is similar to the previous idea; just the width and the breadth of the beads are lesser. The beads have a longer length development. The nuances in this kind of wall décor are elegant and lighter, and the changing colour tones are visually appealing.

3. Less is more here

Use stone to give your wall a remarkable makeover. Though stone is the center of the project, only a part of the wall is done up in stone. It is the texture of the stone wall that makes it look so special and different. The lighting in the wall is also done in a manner that the tonal nuances are emphasized and enhanced in the best manner possible. The wall imparts a sense of depth to the whole room.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire,

4. The separation done creatively

Check out this amazing stone and wooden wall right in the middle of the room. This separation wall becomes the centre of attraction in the room. Though it acts as a separation, this wall also combines space with fluidity. By installing a flat screen television on the wall, you can add dynamism and life to the room. The other end of the room can be used as dining area.

5. Weaving in copper color

The speciality of this room is that it has very high ceilings. And on one of the really high walls is a large wooden panel with copper weavings. The embossed texture has unequal shades and grooves, and this leads to reflection of light in unexpected ways. A highly sceno-graphic effect is produced in the room thanks to this eclectic arrangement. All in all – a fabulous setting, indeed!

6. Creating multiple textures with brick and stone type

Stones can be used in various ways – in different shapes and sizes for wall décor. However, the choice will be depend on the environment in which the stones will be used. Like in this case, there is combination of stone and brick and it brings a unique effect to the living room. With proper lighting, a subtle distinction can be made between the kitchen, dining area and the living room area. The staircase upstairs is done in rose-coloured stone.

7. Using grey stone

Grey stones can add a different dimension to your living room. These stones can either be used on one wall of the room or can be used in creating an attractive partition between the dining space and the living room space. Lighting, furniture and other décor of the room should also be planned accordingly so that the impact of the grey stone is enhanced.

8. The vertical garden and use of white stone

This vertical garden adds touch of greenery to the room and brings in some freshness too. Along with the greenery, the use of white stone on one of the walls with suitable lighting increases the overall appeal of the room. Furniture and other décor in the room is in wood, lending the room a rustic ambience.

9. Tiles with metallic effects and wood

How about creating a wall in the room with tiles that have metallic effects? Add some greenery on the walls, for a spectacular makeover. Another wall in the room can be of wood, which will be in striking contrast to the metallic tiles. Try this combination; you will simply love it!

10. The combination of concrete and granite

This idea exudes sophistication and elegance. The setting is extremely simple and combines a good dose of concrete and granite. The use of granite on the walls and other spaces brings in contrast to the concrete floors and other settings. The stairs that lead upstairs have a glass barrier adding more style and panache to the space.

11. River stones used on the wall

Looking for a simple yet elegant wall décor idea? Try this one! This wall in the living space is excellently done up with river stones. The other décor elements in the room are in complete contrast to the dark shades of the river stones, but have an aqua connection. There are potted plants placed strategically in the room for enhanced visual impact. The tabletop in the room is also in river stones and looks amazing.

12. Bricks and wood combination

If you are looking for some rustic appeal in your living space, use bricks as well as wood on the walls. Take inspiration from the project here if you are out of ideas. The lighting, the furniture and the colors used in the room go well with the walls and make the place cozy and comfortable.

13. Use of wall paper and black marble

The moment you take a look at this wall décor, you will be spell bound and mesmerized. The light colored wallpaper used on the walls are in complete contrast to the black marble which is used in some places smartly like window openings. The placement of orchids on the black marble is just wow.

Uplift your living room with these amazing wall décor ideas here.

These were 13 wall décor ideas from interior designers. Which of these ideas did you like most? Share your comments and ideas with us!

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